Leong Ching Yi

Name : Leong Ching Yi

Course : Civil and Environmental Engineering (1st Year)

Proposer : Girrja Mohandass (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder : Low Wen Wen (2nd Year Biotechnology)

Run-down position : None

To me, Imperial College Union Malaysia Society is not merely just a society, but a community where friendships are forged, where members experience the fun of fellowship and feel the warmth of home. It is through all the Msoc activities that I have met friends that I can comfortably open up to, and where I feel like I am home amongst these friends whom are now my family. I’m running for the post of  Vice President because I am passionate about Msoc , and most importantly, Malaysian Night. It is truly inspiring to watch each individual work closely together to produce an astouding show that showcases the culture and traditions of Malaysia. Being part of the main cast, as well as being involved in Bollywood dance and dikir barat, I find myself looking forward to every practice as I discover my love for everything about MNight.

As Vice President, it is my goal to :

1.   Improve the interaction and sense of belonging amongst members by improving our existing family buddy system. The previous ‘parents’ have done an incredibly good job in engaging with their ‘kids’ but it has come to my attention that some families have only met once or twice, which defeats the purpose of this system. This family system is supposed to help freshers adjust to uni life in a new country and family members are supposed to be a support network for them. For this to be successful in helping freshers feel at home, each family has to be close knit and bonded. Thus, this scheme will be introduced earlier, during Fresher’s Camp. Stronger bonds between family members will be forged and hence, freshers will be more open to approaching their ‘parents’ for help and personal advice. Hence, seniors will be briefed on their role as a parent, to be approachable, affectionate and caring. In addition, freshers who missed the Fresher’s Camp will be assigned to an existing buddy group, allowing them to easily integrate themselves into the society.

2.   Ensure every member gets the opportunity to know each other and socialise. Hence, I will organize Fresher’s Dinner in Sabah and Sarawak in addition to the ones already being held in KL and Penang last year. Although this will be a challenging and complicated task, I believe with a competent committee and help of seniors, we will be able to get more freshers to mingle with each other. Willing seniors will be asked to volunteer to be in-charge of the dinner. I will set up a google spreadsheet form on Facebook to get an inkling of the number of freshers interested in the dinner. Only then will the dinner be planned in that state.

3.   Spearhead the production of MNight 2017 and ensure that it will continue to be the best theatre performance amongst all UK universities.

As the producer of MNight, I strive to :

1.   Work closely with the directors to produce another thrilling, captivating yet inspiring script. I plan to add new elements of dances into the performance, like a UV dance or shadow dance. However, this all boils down to whether it fits the script.

2.   Assign specific jobs to each MNight committee and guide the team in working and making decisions collaboratively. I plan to arrange meetings every week to discuss the team dynamic – for example, talk specifically about what’s working well and what could work better. Have the choreographers coordinate the schedule for their respective dances and always plan things in advance to accommodate any fall-behind schedules. Implement a weekly review and feedback session for acting and all dances. In addition, I will ensure that the choreographers are mindful of the balance between discipline and fun. I believe this will be the key to a higher quality performance.

3.   Improve efficiency. This relates greatly to teamwork. I will ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and is committed to attaining them. Besides that, I will assure that everyone has clear expectations for the team’s work, goals, accountability and outcomes. Choreographers will set up a Google spreadsheet for dancers to list down their availability. Extra practices can then be scheduled as MNight approaches since full attendance is imperative for a good performance.

4.   Establish a strong sense of belonging to MNight. I believe that this can drive all cast and crew to be fully committed. This sense of belonging can be enhanced and reinforced when the team spends more time to get to know and understand each other better, building a stronger relationship. Hence, I will organise events (dinners or outings to watch plays produced by Imperial’s Dramatic Society or Musical Theatre Society). This will definitely be a good opportunity for everyone to get together, as well as to learn.

5.   Avoid having clashes of dance practices. This year, due to time limitations, two of the dance practices clash and it causes dissatisfaction from choreographers, as well as dancers. To solve this, two dances will be an either or option for members. It will then be these two dances that will be scheduled at the same time.

Given my discipline and experience as a girl guides president, as well as the secretary of sport house for 2 years consecutively, I have proven myself to be resilient and capable of handling this huge responsibility. These past experiences have equipped me with not just the required organization skills, but also willpower and determination. My passion for performing is my driving force and I hope that I will be able to share the invigorating exhilaration of MNight with my future freshers. The stage is for everyone: to perform and to experience. I will be thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead, to share my passion, and to show the world our Malaysian pride.