Liow Kong You (Updated)

Name: Kong You Liow (KY)

Course: 1st Year Physics with Theoretical Physics

Proposer: Woon Senn Koh (3rd Year Medicine)

Seconder: Chuok Ying Choy (2nd Year Mathematics)

Run-down Position: None


This is the improved and updated version of my manifesto for the ease of reading. Read more of my previous manifesto at

As a presidential candidate who emphasizes integration among members, my vision comprises of two critical elements: (1) to provide for the welfare of the Malaysian students in Imperial College London; and (2) to sustain ICUMS through collaboration and sponsorship. Besides carrying on with the current policies, it is of utmost importance to execute more strategies for the benefit of ICUMS and of the members. Below are some of the key fields that I would like to focus on as the President:

1.   Engagement among Members

The current Buddy Family System is modified as a platform for the members to bond and at the same time, an opportunity for the members to showcase their leadership skills through organizing small scale, entertaining activities to other members of ICUMS (EPL matches, food hunt, pub crawl etc). Funding of the event is based on the scale of the event after evaluated by the Treasurer [Tsin Hoong]. The best event organized will be given an award of appreciation.

Engagement among members are encouraged through sports too. The amount of subsidies for the sport pass and the sport activities included in it are evaluated by the Sport Secretary [Yan Kai] and the Treasurer to encourage more involvement of members through sports.

2.   Time Management

A rough, modified timeline of the future events of ICUMS is planned. To have a better visual representation of the timeline, please visit:

3.   Communication

Besides the current social communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter,, Instagram), Snapchat is introduced as the app to break the formality between committee and members. It is aimed at taking pictures or videos of ICUMS events and behind-the-scenes footage in an engaging manner. The Snapchat account is accessed only by the Welfare Officer [Del-Wyn] and the External Liaison Officer [Rui Jian] for their enthusiasm in using this app.

Google Forms, suggested by the Welfare Officer, is introduced to collect feedback from the members. Google form is released to the members monthly and members can provide answers based on the questions asked. Discussion among the committee members is initiated monthly to provide solutions with respect to the responses.

4.   Outreach

Inspired by Cambridge Union Malaysian Society (CUMaS) Outreach Programme, allow me to present you our own ICUMS Outreach Programme. It aims to inspire more Malaysian students to apply to ICL, and to give advice to prospective students. The programme will be carried out on July 2016 (summer break) in at least five different states in Malaysia (Johor, Selangor, Perak, Sarawak, KL, Pulau Pinang etc). The committee board consists of ICUMS committee members and selected course representatives. There, we will explain the general procedure to apply to ICL, the life in London, list of scholarships etc. Each representative will give a talk describing their course and also aspects like interviews, coursework, commitments etc. To know more about the technical details (venue, budget, structure etc), please visit:

5.   Sponsorship and Partnership

To consolidate the current sponsors, discussions with the sponsors are initiated often to update them on the events organized by ICUMS and inform them on how their money has been properly utilized to make the events successful. This is to ensure both sides benefit from the sponsorship. Next, together with the External Liaison Officer, we targeted several potential sponsors. Some of them are MABECS (educational group), Intel (technology), Astro Malaysia Holding Berhad (consumer group) and EY (auditory firm). I start off with personal approach by getting to know and talk to the people in the companies personally. For example, the External Liaison and I have planned to reach out to two of the potential sponsors, Intel and EY during Graduan Fair 2016. We also seek out to developing companies that are interested in sponsoring ICUMS as social services. All in all, together with the Treasurer and the External Liaison Officer, we aim to at least maintain the current amount of sponsorship money and then increase if possible.

Besides sponsors, together with the Liaison Officer, we want to bring in potential partners into ICUMS. Some of them are Bio Chem Group and Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. These companies can provide internship opportunities to members from the pure sciences, especially Biology and Chemistry. Discussions with the committee is held to seek out to more potential partners of different fields.

6.   On Collaboration

More collaborations with Malaysian student bodies (UKEC, ICMS etc) are initiated by organizing more joint events like CV workshops, etc. I will ensure that both sides benefit from the collaboration. For example, ICUMS books venue and publicizes for the events. In return, our members are able to attend the events for free. The collaboration with ICL’s alumni (ICAAM) is initiated through Career Roundtable Event with ICAAM and the External Liaison Officer’s idea of Imperial Fellow.


I am a man who loves to inspire my friends and people around me to achieve great things in life, and I am only able to achieve greater inspiration to everyone as a President. Being the President, it is important for me to listen to the voice of the members and to appreciate their contributions to the society. The reason I am able to go this far is because of your support, the members of ICUMS and my friends. Together, all of us can call ICUMS our home and bring it to a greater height!

Thank you.