Liow Kong You

Name: Kong You Liow (KY)

Course: 1st Year Physics with Theoretical Physics

Proposer: Woon Senn Koh (3rd Year Medicine)

Seconder: Chuok Ying Choy (2nd Year Mathematics)

Run-down Position: None


“United we stand, divided we fall”, this is the central principle uphold by our Founding Father, Tunku Abdul Rahman during his term as the First Prime Minister. As a presidential candidate who emphasizes integration among members, I believe that the main priority of ICUMS is to provide for the welfare of the Malaysian students in Imperial College London (ICL) [ICUMS Constitution]. Besides carrying on with the current policies, it is of utmost importance to execute more strategies for the benefit of ICUMS and of the members:

1.   Engagement among Members

The first mission that I would like to prioritize is the equal opportunity for ICUMS members to organize and participate in all events. The current Buddy Family System will not just be a platform for members to bond, but also a platform for members among the family to hone their leadership skills by showcasing their events to other families. Each family can organize events (game night, race, food fair etc) which aim to promote brotherhood among ICUMS members and/or Malaysian culture. A suitable amount of funding will be given for the organizers and the best event will be awarded a prize to show appreciation.

A timeline of future events will be planned to give everyone an expectation of the dates for the events. For example, ICUMS Sports Day will be organized in term one to ensure participants can enjoy themselves since there are less academic and MNight commitments, at the same time break the ice among members especially the freshers. Events organized through the Buddy Family System mentioned above will also be held in term one or early of term two for the same reasons.

2.   Members are My Priority

As a president, I believe in strong communication with my fellow members. will be introduced to provide members to interact, ask questions and give constructive suggestions anonymously [Rui Jian]. It provides a transparent platform for the audience to witness all the responses made by the committee. Suitable actions will be taken with respect to the feedback after discussion with the committee.

Events will be organized to cater different group of members. Current strategies like Welcome Reception, Departmental Lunch etc will be maintained to encourage engagements between freshers and seniors. To cater to the need of the members who focus on career development, more career fairs and workshops will be organized to increase exposure. These can be done by introduce more companies to be guest speakers of the events. The full potential of ICL Career Service also can be harnessed also [Rui Jian]. It is important too to realize the huge potential among ICL’s Malaysian alumni. Strong ties between ICUMS and Imperial College Alumni Association Malaysia (ICAAM) will be maintained by inviting ICAAM associates to ICUMS Career Sharing Session. Through these events, members are able to gain valuable insights on their future job prospects.

3.   ICUMS Outreach Programme

How should ICUMS play its role so that ICL gains continuous excellent recognition among the Malaysian students? Inspired by Cambridge Union Malaysian Society (CUMaS) Outreach Programme, I came out with our own ICUMS Outreach Programme, which the objective of the programme is to attract more Malaysian students to apply to ICL and provide advice to prospective students. This programme will be carried out during the summer break, where most students start to research on their future universities choice for the following year. In this programme, the committee and a team of course representatives formed from members from various courses will go to different states in Malaysia. There, we will explain the general procedure to apply to ICL, the life in London, list of scholarships etc. Each representative will give a talk describing their course and also aspects like interviews, coursework, commitment etc. I believe that through this programme, students can make direct connections with their respective course representative to understand more details of the course. Most importantly, students who have doubts in applying to ICL will gain more confidence in doing so. I want ICUMS to play this inspirational role.

4.   Collaboration and Sponsorship

As far as the welfare of members is concerned, the collaboration with other organizations and the need to obtain sponsorship are equally important to sustain ICUMS. More collaboration with ICMS, UKEC and other Malaysian Societies will be initiated. For example, events like CV workshop, team-building workshop etc can be a collaboration between ICMS or UKEC with ICUMS so that our committee members are more equipped to organize our own events in the future, at the same time involve more ICUMS members to participate the events.

The reason ICUMS is able to progress and achieve better is mostly due to the continuous support from our sponsors. The role of finding new sponsors will be allocated between the treasurer, liaison officer and me. I will also consolidate the current sponsors, so that they maintain their confidence in ICUMS’s excellency [Luke Pang]. Discussion with the current sponsors will be initiated often to ensure both sides benefit from the sponsorship. With a team of committee members of different role allocation, I am confident that a balance between members’ welfare and ICUMS sustainability through sponsorship and collaboration can be achieved.

My Story of Self Reflection

The Mayor of Taipei, Mr. Ko Wen-je’s philosophy of leadership: self reflection, is the value that I look up to the most. Being the President of the Librarian Board made me realize the importance of team and resource management, and the treasurer of two societies taught me to manage fund well. As a Cadet Corporal in St. John Ambulance Malaysia, I learned to make decision in crucial times. However, I learned from my failures too. My failure to establish Sunway Astronomy Club not only taught me to manage time well, but to stand up and never give up after every failure.

My best leadership experience in any student council is to have no experience at all. Because of this, I am able to stand in the shoes of an ordinary member and understand what members (you) expect from the council. I come from the base of the  hierarchy. Now, I’d like to be the head of this hierarchy, to lead you as a leader and as your companion. I want to listen to the voice of the unheard. I want the best for you. However, your trust and support are crucial for me to realize my promises. Rest assured that I will always stand by you and together, we can build a better future for ICUMS and for us!