Luke Pang Xiang Wei

Full Name: Luke Pang Xiang Wei

Course: 1st Year Chemistry (MSci)

Proposer: Chin Yew Sian (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Ng Tong Wei (4th Year Biomedical Engineering)

Run-down Post: None

ICUMS is undeniably rich in its Malaysian culture and heritage. Having been studying for almost three years in the UK, being surrounded by Malaysian friends whilst participating in the various ICUMS activities, has given me the confidence to relate with a place as my home outside Malaysia for the first time. As a 1st year student, MNight and sports events are some of the many ICUMS-organized events, where not only can I communicate in my hybrid Malaysian accent and relate to Malaysian topics with ease, but also call ICUMS members my extended family, something which I am truly grateful for. Therefore, it would be an honour to contribute back to ICUMS and pay-it-forward to the next intake of ICUMS members. With my passion and experience in finance and sponsorship, being treasurer of ICUMS would allow me to channel my contributions to ICUMS effectively.

Recent developments in Malaysia may change the demographics of the next ICUMS members coming in the academic year starting in 2016. My prediction for ICUMS would be that the proportion of government sponsored students would decrease starting in the academic year 2016 due to the halting of some government scholarships. As it is uncertain to when the scholarships may resume, the numbers of ICUMS members would either decrease or the proportion of privately-sponsored ICUMS members would be on the rise. This would be a unique challenge never faced by any ICUMS committee recently, a balance have to be struck between privately sponsored members and government-sponsored members to ensure everyone’s interest within the society is fulfilled. Hence, new courses of action would have to be tailored according to the given circumstances by the following ICUMS committee in order to continue the tradition of ICUMS members and not bring disappointment to future members, its existing members and also alumni.

I would like to commend the previous and current ICUMS committees for successfully consolidating and strengthening the foundation and finances of ICUMS to its current prospering state. Without it, future plans to adapt the upcoming new events would be tougher. Therefore, I yearn to continue the immense contributions of my predecessors whilst initiating new projects, by upholding the ICUMS Constitution as first reviewed by the ICUMS executive committee 2005/2006 a decade ago, which states that some of its objectives are:

1. To uphold and promote the image of Malaysia through all possible means.
2. To provide for the welfare of the Malaysian students in Imperial College.
3. To provide for and maintain the interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students in Imperial College.

By integrating the ICUMS Constitution into my responsibility as treasurer, the sustainability of ICUMS will be continued with the impeding situations to honour those who have built its foundation tirelessly, by maintaining the TEC goals: Transparency, Expansion, and Communication.

As treasurer, I am pledging myself towards absolute transparency regarding the funding and finance of ICUMS and its appropriation within it. Tabulating accounts clearly to agree with accounts of previous years is essential, and I intend to implement a standard accounting practice for future committees to follow to ensure that the budget can be easily understood by ICUMS members and its sponsors over a long period of time. Appropriate allocation of funding within ICUMS and disclosure of budgets to relevant parties will be my topmost priority to affirm and strengthen the trust towards the ICUMS members and its sponsors. With uncertainties about the future, funding of ICUMS will be more tightly controlled to increase our capital; whilst not sacrificing activities which support healthy camaraderie amongst ICUMS members. Subsidies regarding sports events may increase even more, as it encourages more members to participate in sports and interact amongst each other, while promoting the image of Malaysia, fulfilling the ICUMS Constitution. My experiences in organizing and managing the finances of my college’s annual flagship event as committee leader, which had successfully raised £1,000 in profits for charity from a smooth, one-night event, would act as a testament to my previous and continuing integrity to my responsibilities. Fund-raising under Raleigh International KL to support volunteering work in Bentong, Pahang, has helped me to understand the finance and sponsorships systems within a society more thoroughly. With that, ICUMS will be more transparent and trust-worthy from the viewpoint of sponsors, thus assisting me further in my second goal, expansion.

As stated previously, previous and current committees had successfully built a firm foundation for ICUMS, which is much appreciated by many now. With the uncertainty of ICUMS’s future, that foundation has never been more crucial. Organizing more fund-raising events and appropriating the budget accordingly without sacrificing the welfare of ICUMS members will be part of my targeted goals as treasurer. My current collaboration with the Head of Legacy Giving (Ms Anna Wall) in Imperial College London, allows me to connect with Imperial alumni and sponsors, and encourage them to continue showing their support for Imperial College London. Seeking out sponsors for my college’s annual flagship event also form part of my experiences dealing with sponsors. With those experiences, determination and connections, I will be able to understand the needs of ICUMS and its potential and current sponsors, by approaching them more tenaciously with clear goals in mind. By establishing common aspirations between both parties, more sponsorships from Malaysia and abroad will be secured in the next coming years for the sustainability of ICUMS, expanding the sponsorship scope of ICUMS. The wider sponsorship scope will greatly benefit ICUMS members, especially penultimate and final year students, by offering a platform for those companies to advertise internship jobs on our social media. Moreover, with more privately-funded students joining ICUMS, their aspirations of the society may differ from its current members. Therefore, the spearheading efforts to pursue various sponsorships will continue in order to secure a variety of international and Malaysian sponsors for ICUMS over the next few years to strike a balance between the requirements of its future and current members, thus adapting to future uncertainties.

Aside from monetary sponsorships and assistances, ICUMS must also look towards non-monetary resources for its members. A platform to share knowledge and promote personal growth is required for ICUMS members to strive in the career world, and ICUMS alumni are the ideal people to approach for its development. An alumni mentoring scheme will be proposed for ICUMS members and alumni to discuss about future plans and the career world, whilst keeping the alumni updated with the progress of ICUMS. The alumni and members will volunteer for the scheme and after careful selection, they are assigned to their suitable partners. Only thirty minutes monthly is required of from both parties to communicate and develop professional relationships for mutual benefits. This would not only strengthen the relationship of both parties, but would also make ICUMS alumni feel inclusive in ICUMS after their tertiary education, providing them with a professional outlet to contribute back to the society regardless of distance and background.

With the TEC goals highlighted and explained as above, I believe by maintaining those goals, I will uphold my part of the ICUMS Constitution as a treasurer of ICUMS. With transparency and expansion, we would take ICUMS to greater heights to further improve the image of Malaysia and the welfare of ICUMS members. With communication, the interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students in Imperial College and its alumni will be further fostered. With that said, I sincerely implore all to support my goals and implement it into ICUMS, so that when we look back at all we have achieved, we will not only be able to proudly call ourselves Malaysian, but also proud members of ICUMS.

Thank you.