Ronald Teoh Huan Chern

Full Name: Ronald Teoh Huan Chern
Course : 1st Aeronautical Engineering
Proposer : Quah Zhong Yao (2nd Year Materials Engineering)
Seconder : Law Siew Yin (2nd Year Biology)

ICUMS, the only place I could call a home away from home. Starting over somewhere new is never easy as there have been days where I have felt unhappy and homesick. However, ICUMS has always been a source of comfort for me to help ease those days. From day one in Imperial, ICUMS has already been providing me with joy and irreplaceable memories. Therefore, I would like to give back to the society that has already given so much to me by being a Vice President as well as the producer of Malaysian Night.

Having studied in an international college in the UK, I have frequently been asked about Malaysian culture. How does one describe a culture as diverse and intricate as ours in just a few words, though? If elected, I would take this amazing opportunity as MNight producer to fully showcase our amazing heritage to the world. Furthermore, the dedications and commitments to the society as well as Malaysian Night which I built up over the year could be hidden, but could not be diminished. I know for a fact that I am lucky enough to be able to create unforgettable memories when practicing and performing for MNight and hence would like to share this indescribable feeling to the new batch of freshers in the coming academic year.

If elected, these are the tasks I hope to achieve as Vice President:

–   Work very closely with the other committee members. I fully understand that teamwork is the key to ensure the society to progress further. Hence, I would like to emphasise the importance of teamwork as I realise it is extremely important to have the tasks properly delegated to the appropriate people.

 –   Give the president a helping hand by giving constructive opinions and comments as well as being both mentally and physically prepared to act in his place if he is not in a good condition to work. I am also prepared to respect the directions and paths which the president will be taking to lead the society.

–   In my opinion, large societies like ours require adequate funding for activities to run smoothly, hence acquiring sponsorships is one of the biggest key factor in order for the society to operate. Therefore, I aim to seek sustainable sponsorships by working together as a team with the committee members especially the president and liaison officer.

–   Assist freshers to settle into a new environment. I will approach as many freshers as I possibly can in the fresher’s dinner and camp to deliver the information they will need in a friendly and informal way. This should give them a rough idea of what to expect upon arriving in London.

As the producer of MNight, these are my objectives:

–   I would like to introduce Malaysian Night early to the new batch of freshers starting from fresher’s dinner and fresher’s camp. I plan to prepare a presentation to ensure that they are aware of the existence of MNight and also to have a clear perspective of it. I hope to be able to show them the recording of it in fresher’s camp and if there is going to be a limitation in time, I hope to at least show them the first act to make sure that they know which part of MNight they would prefer to be involved in. By doing this, I also hope to build up the freshers’ interest in it. Knowing the fact that not all juniors will attend the freshers’ camp in Malaysia, I would encourage seniors to consider organising a MNight screening event for their entire buddy family to watch it together as I realised the attendance for MNight screening day last year was quite low.

–   I would also like to outline a timeline of all MNight practices and events to give an idea to all the people who are involved in MNight of what they should expect as well as a rough idea for the new batch of freshers to make sure they know what the preparation for MNight looks like. In addition, as soon as the timeline is made, I will work together with the secretary to book the rooms that every one of us will need.

–   I will personally keep up with the progress of the dance practices, acting sessions, props team and music team consistently. By saying this, I am prepared to attend as much practices as I possibly can including extra ones to set a good example for the performers to follow.

–   Allocate more money for props team. This year, our props manager made full use of his talents in making props using recycled materials and hence managed to save a fairly large amount of money. However, I intend to allow the next props manager to be able to turn his imaginations into reality and also to confidently develop a wider range of ideas.

–   I intend to work closely with the directors and I hope to include more Malaysian elements in the next script. I was inspired by the UCL MNight as even though it was not as good as it could have been from what I have heard, however the Malaysian elements were well received and praised by the audience. Moreover, I will continue the tradition that has been created this year which is to include a plot twist in the next script to be written. It has been proven to be successful as most of the audience who came to watch our MNight this year has praised the plot twist part specifically.

Why choose me as your Vice President and producer of MNight?

1) Theatre prefect in my previous college

What I have learned from being a theatre prefect was the skills to troubleshoot as well as to work under stressful conditions. My job as a theatre prefect includes setting up all kinds of equipment to make sure that assemblies can run smoothly. In addition, I participated in several cultural nights and talent shows as a theatre prefect where I was part of the backstage crew.

2) Performed in cultural night in my previous college

Studying in an international college helps me to be aware of the importance of sharing culture and therefore I was involved in the college’s annual cultural night event known as Mayor’s concert. The Mayor’s Concert is very similar to MNight where the public will purchase tickets to come and watch our performance as we will be performing in Theatre Severn, one of the most renowned theatres in Shropshire. I performed in the Indian dance with the Malaysian society back in my college. Weeks before the actual event, we started to have hours of practices and rehearsals daily. While performing in this concert, I have learned to be a more dedicated person as well as the need to be committed in something important in my life. Furthermore, being involved in a similar production to MNight will allow me to be able to think from many different perspectives.

3) Being involved in many aspects of MNight 2016

During MNight, I have been looking forward for every single practice that I am involved in and at the same time being very grateful to be given a chance to be a part of this. Both of this also served as a platform for me to bond with my fellow Malaysian friends. In my opinion, this requires a higher level of commitment than the one I have mentioned earlier about the Mayor’s concert. I have come to realise how willing I am to give all my time and energy to this society and how much I have come to enjoy every moment of it.

4) Experience as a squad leader in Boys’ Brigade in high school

As a squad leader, it has helped me in picking up several skills. I have learned to be disciplined and this experience has helped me to train my leadership abilities. I was also involved in organising day camps which I had to macromanage. What I have learned from organising these camps are the importance of discussions and meetings with my teammates and the need to consider their opinions before making final decisions.

Besides all the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that my ability to communicate well with others makes me a suitable candidate. I am ready to fully commit myself to provide the best experience possible to all members of the society. If given this opportunity to serve as your Vice President, I will try my very best to meet every expectations and will also continue to maintain the high standards of our Malaysian Night productions.