Stuart Chai Zong Heng

Full Name: Stuart Chai Zong Heng

Course1st Year Bioengineering

ProposerJason Lee (3rd Year Bioengineering)

SeconderDustin Chung (3rd Year Chemistry)

Run-down Post: Events Officer

Personally, the Malaysian Society feels like a home away from home. It’s a community where the people understand you more than anyone else around you does, a place where you can speak without having to fake an accent, a place to truly be yourself – a Malaysian. My first few months abroad has gone by much easier than expected and I attribute this to the caring and helpful peers who make up this society as well as activities organized by the Malaysian Society which has brought us all together. For all that the Malaysian Society has done for me, I would like to contribute back to it. Based on my past experiences and skills, I personally feel being the treasurer is the best route for me to achieve it.

If elected as treasurer of ICUMS, my goals are:

1.   To maintain current sponsors and obtain new ones

Money plays a vital role in the running of events organized by the society. Undoubtedly, one of the major sources of finance are sponsors. I am prepared to work hand in hand with the President and External Liaison Officer of the new committee to obtain more sponsors for the society by scouting for new potential sponsors as well as convincing previous sponsors to revive their interests in us. In return, they will be invited to hold engagement sessions in our campus, similar to the one organized by Shell, which increases our knowledge of their companies meanwhile increase career opportunities for Imperial Malaysian graduates and undergraduates.

2.   Financial sustainability and growth

Annual budget setting and forecasting are key tasks to achieving financial sustainability which I will carry out prudently after sufficient discussions with the president of the society to ensure smooth running of events throughout the year and to prevent creating a negative impact on the finance of the society. Budget forecasting also benefits the Events Directors as it allows them to think ahead of what type of events to organize hence giving them sufficient planning time. Low costs, profit generating events, for instance a “Pasar Malam” open to all Imperial students and Malaysian students across London can be introduced to increase revenue for the society.

3.   Good Organization

Having been drilled since young about the importance of money management, I vow to prepare a monthly income statement and cash book for the society to keep track of the penny and pounds going in and out of the society just as how I currently do it for my personal account. The purpose of this is to ensure every transaction is recorded as well as keep monthly transactions organized. This allows the account to be presented or referred to at any point required. The revenues and expenses recorded for each event will act as guides to future forecasting and budgeting, leading to more accurate forecasts and more realistic budget allocation.

4.   Transparency

At Ordinary/Annual General Meetings, an outline of the society’s finances will be shown to the members of ICUMS and I will be prepared to answer any questions regarding it. This also serves to show the fund management skills of the society. Additionally, I will update the committees of the society on the financial status of the society at every committee meeting.

I am applying for this role with the aim of creating a positive impact on the society. Although I have not held a responsibility this big of a scale in the past, I have had experiences in which I have gained invaluable skills which will assist me in my role as a treasurer if elected. Having held the position of a sponsorship director for events such as Prom and Sports Carnival organized by the student council of my college, I have learned that persistency is one of the key attributes in obtaining sponsors as companies tend to overlook or ignore e-mails of this caliber. On the other hand, bookkeeping is something I have a habit of doing as I do it for my personal account and I derive satisfaction from balancing my monthly accounts. “Human beings are creatures of habit – we thrive on routine because it keep things simple in a complex world.” Fully aware of the challenges which lay ahead, I am prepared to work hard and together with a dedicated committee, ICUMS will be on its way to greater heights!