Tee Haow Jern

Name: Haow Jern Tee

Course: 1st Year Physics

Proposer:  Brianna Chang (2nd year Mathematics)

Seconder: Jun Shern Chan (2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Run-down Position: None

When I first came to Imperial, I was scared. I met a lot of people but I realized I could not click with a lot of them. It was weird considering that I was told that my university life were supposed to be my best years. How could it be the best when I could not find anyone to click with? Where can I feel at home? Throughout these few months, I realized that this ‘home’ is Malaysian Society.

In Malaysian Society, I felt a belonging. To experience that Malaysian atmosphere in a foreign country was surreal. I was touched by all the kindness and support everyone has shown to help each other to settle down. I loved how there was not a strong segregation between the seniors and the juniors with many bonding events to bring all of us together to feel at home. For that, I am immensely grateful for everyone that I have met in these short few months and would like to contribute back to this amazing society by being a Secretary.

If elected, I seek to improve on the following areas:


– Propose Google Docs to write out documents, so anyone can contribute or point out mistakes in the documents and they can be changed simultaneously. 

– Throughout the year I will be actively looking for better software to maximise our productivity such as Zapier which allows integration between Google Docs, OneDrive and Trello. For example, if a document is a created in Google Docs, a copy will be created and saved in OneDrive and as a card in Trello.

Room bookings

– Work closely with the vice president and the choreographers in determining how many hours they need to practice and when. Once this is settled, room bookings will be made as soon as possible. I will do my utmost in making sure every choreographer has a place to practice fully in peace and there will be no clashes between practices. 

– All rooms will be booked as soon as they are opened for bookings.

– Lion dance will have their rehearsals in the mornings as usual but proper practice rooms will be given in the union as there are frequent complaints by other departments when they are practicing in their rooms. I will make arrangements with the Union and the Lion Dance team to find a solution. For example, the Lion Dance team can be given a higher priority to practice in the union rooms during the weekends, however they might have to be a bit more flexible such as practicing on either a Saturday or a Sunday to increase the chances of getting a suitable room. 


– Will improve on the current newsletters by perhaps adding a ‘Weekly Tips’ session, where the content will change weekly. For example, for the first week, popular restaurants can be suggested, maybe with personal MSoc members’ reviews. This is done with the aim of attracting more members to read the newsletters.

– Some ideas but not limited to: polls and personal stories from members.


– Will continue to use the current system where there are at least two ticketing heads as this has been shown to be very useful in sorting out the workload and the potential to cover for each other when either one is busy or ill.

– One of the main problems for ticketing this year was that the ticketing heads were unsure of how many tickets were sold at each point of time, hence a better system can be introduced. Currently, a spreadsheet is used to record down names of the students who hold an x amount of tickets. Payment can be made either through bank transfer or in cash and the spreadsheet is then updated.

Propose by making small changes such as under payments made by bank transfer, references must include ticket numbers. The ones who have paid by cash will be issued receipts, detailing when and what ticket numbers they have paid and sold. These will then be updated on the spreadsheet. This way, if one party makes a mistake in recording sales, the other party can show proof of his or her sales.


– Will be compiled after every event and stored in an organised manner, ensuring ease of access for committee members.


– Will frequently follow up on committee members to improve communication to ensure everyone is up to date with events, meetings and deadlines. 

– Aim to assist other committee members whenever capable.

Why me?

Founder and President of NASA club in 2013

– Capable of working under pressure.

As the president, I had a lot of things to do and to do well. As the club was only just founded, there were very high expectations to make it look like an exciting club that people would want to join next year. We hosted two exhibition events: the first one was a short introduction to space for the general public, using posters and models while the other one was to showcase the creative side of our members,  by having them giving presentations on their own ideas of ‘aliens’ and the planets they would have lived in. Besides that, we also held a fundraising event by selling packets of Nasi Lemak on

Sports Day. My experiences in being the president of the club and all that we have done can be directly related to what the role of the secretary is supposed to fulfill

– Having been the president, I have a better understanding of what is expected of a secretary.

Managerial position in Debate Society (2014-2015)

– Mainly assisted with the president and vice president in decision making and hosting meetings.

Experience in paperwork and writing

– Wrote proposals for the creation of NASA club. 

– Wrote emails to set up meetings, to book the school’s hall for our two exhibitions, to arrange deliveries with the food and drinks providers and to make deals with the people responsible in producing our merchandise – badges and magnets with our club insignia.

– Took notes of all our discussions and decisions made in meetings and wrote Facebook posts to inform our members of the latest news.

Experience in sales

– Made sure the correct amount of revenue is received from its respective food, beverages and merchandise sold. 

– Pushed members to advertise as much as possible to their friends, hence I will have some experience in pushing members to sell their tickets for MNight next year.

I understand that this role will be unlike anything I have ever done before. I may make mistakes, but I welcome criticism and feedback with open arms. I believe with my skillset, determination and your support, I will be able to overcome the challenges and help Malaysian Society to be “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be” (Bret Hart).