Tee Rui Jian

Name: Rui Jian Tee

Course: 1st Year Civil Engineering

Proposer: Choo Tsin Hoong (1st Year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Benjamin Guo (4th Year Civil Engineering)

Coming to the end of my fifth month in university, I can proudly say that Imperial College London is now my second home. This of course, is largely because of the Imperial Malaysian Society which has made this transition from Malaysia seamless. From the pre-departure camp back in P.D. to M-night practices at the activity spaces, I believe the committee has done a great job in bringing us, Malaysians together. It is heart-warming to see our seniors accepting us into this Imperial family and no words can express how grateful I am for this. Thank you! To maintain the significance of the society in our hearts, it is time for us, the new batch of juniors to take up the responsibilities to continue this legacy.

1.   The reason I am applying for the External Liaison Officer position

An organisation needs someone that can represent them well. Someone who is able to carry   the name and image of the organisation. This is when an External Liaison Officer plays its role. Why the External Liaison Officer post? I love to make friends! Even random people I bump into on the street. There was a time I made a short productive conversation with a stranger on the street. It was during a short walk to the tube station after attending an event in UCL. He started the conversation with me as both of us were not busy with our phones. After a short introduction, I found out he is currently working in the advisory team at Deloitte London. I managed to ask him about his experience in the company as well as some advice regarding the field. Similar to many conversations like this, I value each and every connection I have made with others, be it formally or informally. Connections are important in life, they might helpful to you in the future. Apart from that, I am curious and at the same time excited to be involved in liaising with other organizations as well as engaging corporate companies for sponsorships. Through this, I am looking forward to form connections with the people I am going to work with, including my fellow committee members.  

2.   Sponsorships

Regarding sponsorships, the challenge is to maintain good relationships with our current sponsors. My main goal is to host activities that are able to add value to both sponsors and members of the society.

Ideas for sponsorship engagement sessions.

  1. CV workshop – any sponsors
  2. Mock interview – any sponsors
  3. Case study: Becoming a professional Engineer (Criteria to be chartered and engineering ethics.) – Shell Graduates
  4. Industry Insight (Investment Banking) – CitiBank
  5. Start-ups/Entrepreneur – Creador
  6. An internship simulation challenge – any sponsors

Moreover, I am also aware that it is hard to accommodate more than one sponsor from the same field in our society. Hence, the solution to this is to outsource from other fields. I came to realise that pure science students in Imperial don’t benefit much from the sponsors that we are having at the moment. Collaboration with private companies from the pure science’s field can benefit members of the society through events/case studies. This will help members improve their CV or could even aid them further by securing internship opportunities back in Malaysia.

3.   Events

One of the goals that I set to achieve as a potential External Liaison Officer is to establish a good relationship with the universities around United Kingdom, especially London. The idea that magically came into my mind is to propose a plan to co-host (with other unis in London – LSE, UCL, KCL, City etc.) an event for Malaysian Students in London – that spans across zone 1.

Besides, “Boat Party” can be proposed to be an ICUMS Flagship event in the following years to continue acknowledging the good work that has initiated by our seniors this year. Imperial students were known to be uninvolved in social events. Boat party has done a great job in transitioning the image of Imperial students. It has also provided a platform for our members to network with Malaysian students from other universities in a less formal manner.

4.   Affiliation with UK based student organisation and MSocs around UK

Next, the effective outreach strategies are through social media platforms and by word of mouth. Working closely with student organisations and university representatives are able to raise awareness about our events such as Malaysian Night, Boat Party etc. Furthermore, I plan to form affiliateships with more UK based student organisations UKEC/GenCorp etc. This builds an organic and mutually beneficial relationship between MSoc and the organisation. To maintain the affiliations in a win-win situation, we can publicize each other’s events and support each other’s event, in the form of participation. With the affiliations formed, Imperial Malaysian Society brand name can be strengthened among the UK’s Malaysian community. Members can also benefit through participation in their events as these are opportunities to add value/new skills.

5.   Why me?

I am approachable and diplomatic, and hold a professional yet friendly attitude at all times. On the other hand, as an associate in External Outreach & Publicity division in ICMS, I am constantly being inspired by new out of the box ideas from my fellow associates. I have developed crucial skills such as maintaining social media platforms etc. in order to achieve success in the position I am holding.

Earlier in 2015, between March and June, my friend and I co-founded the Taylor’s Volleyball Club (TVC). We were driven not only by the love for the sport, but also because of the friends we had met while playing casually on campus. Hence, we set forth and took the initiative to inquire with the administration and dealt with a bunch of paperwork as well as constant meetings with the Sports Director for the Student Development Centre. All this done while studying for my A level’s, which involved massive preparations and thorough practices. The experience helped me improve my time management greatly. It helped me to balance my passion and studies. Working with a friend to co-start a club also gave me the opportunity to lead a committee and work with new friends. It took of hard work as we had to arrange activities for new members, brainstorm training times and routines and also involved a lot of documentations as we were on a probation period of 3 months. Nevertheless, it feels like a great accomplishment to have formed a club for sport lovers who share my passion.

Despite the skills I have developed in the past which I believe makes me a suitable candidate for this position, I still look forward to learning more and gaining invaluable experience with the team. To sum it all up, I think I can be a valuable asset to the MSoc’s committee as an External Liaison Officer while producing a quality work for the entire society.