Tou Da Hui (Updated)

Name: Tou Da Hui

Course: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Proposer: Andy Ting Wei Onn (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Girrja Mohandass (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Run-down Position: Vice President

The two days of AGM has really been an eye-opener to me. I realized that there are so many aspects to Msoc in which I have never thought of. It made me reconsider the priorities that we should focus our resources on, priorities that can outreach to a large group of members in an impactful manner. However, ultimately the end goal of Msoc will forever remain the same, the selfsame goal that every candidate emphasized on – giving the members a sense of belonging being thousands of miles away from home. My vision for Msoc remains the same, for Msoc to progress and function as a family. If elected, I intend to:

a.  Build a platform in which members can both inspire and be inspired. This idea of mine is the product after being exposed to ideas and suggestions of people who had attended the two day AGM. Inspired by the web page Humans of New York, I intend to create a similar web page which I would name Malaysians of Imperial. The aim of this web page is to raise awareness of the unlimited opportunities we have for self-enrichment. I plan to have a team of journalists who would interview Malaysians who feel they have an inspiring story to tell, be it academic or extracurricular wise. Seniors would have the opportunity to share their stories with the world, while juniors can benefit in terms of knowing the endless possibilities out there. Moreover, if we are able to get the support from our alumni, we can provide more insights on transitioning between university and working life, benefiting people who would soon move on to their next stage of life.

b.  Work closely with the treasurer and the external liaison officer to secure additional sponsors with funding totaling to at least 3000 pounds, on top of maintaining current sponsors. Just as how the head of the family ensures that his household is financially stable, I aim to add another layer of security to our financial state. I agree the previous committee has done a terrific job on securing an abundance of financial support and I plan on maintaining that. However, problems will arise if our platinum sponsor were to pull out, which would set us back tremendously. Hence, the additional funds would be an adequate amount to off-set the setback should it really happen.

c.  Empower individuals by creating opportunities for members to build up their personal portfolio. Our parents provide us with education in preparations for us to take on challenges imposed by reality. CIPTA is an excellent initiative which could benefit members in terms of the various roles it has to offer. Members can actively participate by taking up committee positions within CIPTA related to whichever aspect they wish to engage themselves in. I also intend to expand the committee size of Msoc by introducing a special task force. Not only does this provide members more personal development opportunities, but also a flexible workforce for the Msoc committee, enabling them to effectively distribute their workload.

d.  Increase networking between members and external parties, whilst maintaining existing relationships. The success of a family depends significantly on its connections and relations both within and outside the house. I believe the best way to bring people together without professional means is through sports. Sports Day is definitely a profiting effort in terms of improving relations between the seniors and juniors. I also plan to work closely with the Sports Secretary and the External Liaison Officer to organize joint sessions every alternate week for sports like Frisbee. For sports with limitations such as basketball and badminton, friendly matches can be organized upon request by members. Moreover, we can have collaborations to bring in new sports, such as Volleyball and Captain Ball, which would require higher number of players to carry out. As for outreaching to less active members, we can organize an open air mamak week on Queens Lawn. Let’s face it, what better ways are there to pull Malaysians together other than Malaysian food?

e. More buddy family related events. I mean, what is a family without social or recreational activities? As soon as the buddy family system is introduced, I aim to hold a social event involving buddy families, such as a casual sports day. This is to integrate freshers into the Msoc family as early as possible. Moreover, I also plan to organize a weekend getaway trip to the outskirts of London mid-autumn term. The purpose of this getaway trip is mainly to reduce the stress levels of members which comes with being an Imperial student.

I understand life in Imperial never gets easier, and even more so when you are the president of a society. However, with prior leadership experience from being the president of my high school scout troop as well as the treasurer of MCKL’s student council, I am confident in my ability to balance between academic and societal responsibilities. The road ahead of a president may be challenging and unchartered, but I believe with the support of the other committee members, we can definitely bring new life and experience into this family we all love.