Tou Da Hui

Name: Tou Da Hui

Course: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Proposer: Andy Ting Wei Onn (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Girrja Mohandass (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

People may ask, “Why run for both president and vice president?” I would answer with four words. Inspired, challenge, inspire, passion. Inspired. Throughout my Mnight journey, I have been exposed to many exceptionally inspirational people. Each inspiring in their own unique way. Challenge. They made me realise the importance of challenging myself, constantly trying out new things for self-improvement. Inspire. I want a role where I can do the same for my juniors, inspiring them to wield this competitive spirit and light their burning passion for the things they hold dear. Passion. Although the work aspects of both president and vice president differ, the thunderous passion I have for Msoc and Mnight as instilled in me by the people I have interacted with will forever remain. As the vice president, it is my duty to:

–   Assist the president in achieving the vision and goals of the society. I would call for the debatable motion of splitting the role of co-producer and president. As of the current state of Msoc, the president has to shoulder an overwhelming load of responsibility. Shifting co-producer duties by allocating them to another member can help to relieve the load of the president. Moreover, by having a committed co-producer, I can focus part of my efforts to assist in lightening the load for my president as well.

Being in the main cast of Mnight, I have gained much valuable insights and experience that can definitely help me in heading this production. Through this, I have gained an understanding of the struggles and problems that many of the Mnight committee will face. Hence, as the producer of Mnight, I intend to:

–   Work closely with the directors and co-producer to realise a production worthy of the Imperial standard. The plot of the play will be the main substance of Mnight. It determines the theme of the dances, background music and props that will support the story. Hence, we will brainstorm a comical, rich and yet mind-blowing storyline which would definitely captivate the audience.

–   Discuss with the choreographers and directors to come up with a rough timeline of what they want their performers to achieve. This can help keep gauge their progress to ensure that they are right on track towards Mnight.

–   Expand the publicity team. I have seen the tremendous workload our communication secretary had to put in to produce the high quality publicity materials we have for Mnight. I believe with extra pairs of hands on the job, we can lighten the burden of comm sec as well as ensure a higher efficiency of creating promotional materials.

–   Enlist the help of ex-cast and crew, especially the acting and music crew. With the current size of the acting cast and music team, it is hard for the directors to delegate their focus accordingly to each member. Hence, current performers can have one-on-one sessions with the appropriate ex-acting and music crew for better feedback. However, in doing so, what the performers bring out may oppose the ideas of the directors. Hence, a balance of exposure between the ex-crew and the directors to the performers must be achieved to prevent inconsistency.

–   Ensure constant communications between each department. I plan to have fortnightly progress report meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. Moreover, choreographers and directors can use this meeting as a platform to raise issues regarding practices to be discussed. As it is near impossible to foresee problems that will arise in every department, it is up to the directors and choreographers to highlight their issues so that it can be solved with a sensible solution.

Inspired, Challenge, Inspire, Passion. It boils down to these 4 simple words. I believe this is the way to make the next Mnight grand and memorable not only for the audience, but for the cast and crew as well. With undying passion and love alongside the support from members, we can definitely produce a Mnight befitting the title of being the best, while enriching members with a fulfilling and unique experience, just as I had through my own Mnight journey.