Wong Shi Jinn

Full Name : Shi Jinn Wong

Course       : Chemical Engineering

Proposer   : Siew Yin Law (2nd Year Biology)

Seconder  : Krystle Chan (3rd Year Chemical Engineering)

Have you guys ever been on one of those amusement park rides? The one that slowly brings you to the top of the tower, giving you a false sense of security before it drops, making fear jolt through your system. Coming to Imperial was a bit like that for me at first. Fresher’s week was a blur of excitement, anticipation and anxiety but once I settled down, the feeling of homesickness and loneliness crept back in. Being away from home is never easy. That’s where ICUMS came in.

As an events officer, my goal is simple. To create an environment where Imperial Malaysians can feel at home, socialize and have a great time, but also have the chance to work on personal growth. Besides carrying on with various existing events such as dinners, potlucks, ski and theatre trips, I would also like to focus on the following:

1.   Exploit one of the best perks of studying abroad!

Plan day trips so members will get a greater chance to bond, explore things out of South Kensington and just have some fun together in general! (eg. Brighton, Trampoline Park, etc)

2.   Strengthen the bond between all members

Firstly, let’s all be frank about one thing, no one likes anything more than free events, right? I propose having more free events, during First Term especially (before Mnight practices & deadlines pile up!), such as picnics which will ideally bring members of all years together. Also, in collaboration with the buddy family system, I propose to have more inter-family events so juniors and seniors who missed out on fresher’s camp will be able to meet.

In addition, Careers 101, organised by the present and past committees, is a fantastic opportunity for juniors to learn from the seniors. However, speaking as a junior, we generally do not realise the importance of opportunities like these in our first year. As a way of attracting more first years and final year students to attend, I propose organising more interactive casual sessions and to use the allure of free Malaysian food to draw more participants. For example, a speed-networking format where juniors will be able to ask seniors about their experiences of applying for internships and interviews with big firms etc.

In the past, I have had experience in leadership positions, being Captain of my Sports House and President of the Malaysian Society in college. Also, my stint as the President of a fund-raising society in high school gave me the chance to plan campaigns and events, eventually raising RM10,000 for donation to WWF Malaysia. 

Previous committees have each left their mark in creating something so simple yet beautiful, an environment that Malaysians can comfortably call a home away from home. By running for this post, I hope to be able to continue this legacy with a dedicated committee and to do what Imperial’s Msoc has done for myself and so many others before me.