ICUMS Family Potluck 2016

HO! HO! HO! The holiday season has finally arrived. With a new potluck theme this year, the Christmas-style Buddy Family Potluck gathering has certainly gave our members an unforgettable afternoon – spent together with some great entertainment, laughter, music and above all a multitude of FOOD to indulge!

Thank you everyone for making an effort to get up early to cook, dress up in your festive outfits and come all the way to the Katherine Low Settlement in Battersea to make this event a sparkling success. We would like to congratulate the Best Dressed Individual & Family of the Day for your stunning costumes and salute the families who cooked the Best Main Dish and Dessert of the Day. The judge had a delightful time tasting all the food. We hope the great moments that highlighted potluck was forever captured (or remained frozen in time) during the mannequin challenge and will stay in your hearts.

Happy Holidays everyone!

ICUMS Mannequin Challenge!

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