Who Are We?

Of the diverse international community in Imperial College, London, a large proportion is made up of Malaysian students reading both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Imperial College Union Malaysian Society (ICUMS) is the Malaysian student association of the university. With the active participation of over 200 members, we continue to maintain one of Imperial College’s largest and most recognised Overseas Student Clubs. We were once even awarded the title of “Best Overseas Student Club” because of our impressive showcase of identity of culture.

Our society, be it through direct or indirect means, indiscriminately brings together Malaysians from all walks of life studying in the university thus giving them a warm and welcoming community to turn to when the going gets tough or just if they feel like a taste of home.

From the moment students in Malaysia receive their offers from Imperial College until the day they graduate, we are there to care for their welfare, ensuring that their time in university is a good one. Besides organizing sporting and social activities to ensure a well-rounded university experience for our students, we aim to keep a good working relationship with the university administration as well as external companies who treat our society as the main contact point to deliver new career opportunities to our students.

While our society consists of predominantly Malaysian members, we are proud to say that a small proportion of our members are from other nationalities. This gives us the opportunity to directly promote the rich and diverse Malaysian culture to the international community on campus. We also strive to achieve this via our annual Malaysian Night and Malaysian Fair which in addition to introducing our cultures and traditions, showcases the multitude of talents that our Malaysian students have.

Of course we are not all about showcasing our culture without celebrating it ourselves. Festive seasons, while not celebrated widely in London, are still very much a big part of lives. Coming from a country where festivity bonds the people, we always ensure that Deepavali, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Chinese New Year are celebrated together as a community – just like home.

The society is also a proud member of the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC), which embodies the entire family of Malaysian societies and clubs run by students in the United Kingdom.

Malaysia is a melting pot of interesting personalities, talents and skills and there is no better way to celebrate this than to come together and interact as a community. No matter how far we go, Malaysia will always be close to our hearts.