Aiman Syahirah binti Ahmad Dzulfakhar

Name: Aiman Syahirah binti Ahmad Dzulfakhar

Course: 1 st Year MEng Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Low Yee Hong (2 nd Year MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Hoo Swee Kee (2 nd Year MEng Chemical Engineering)

Post: Secretary

Run-Down Position: None


Being the first child in a family and flying over to London which is far away from home is
not as simple as it is. Studying in Imperial College London, one of the top universities in the
world is not easy, getting homesick while trying to cope with the lifestyle but all that changed
after I joined ICUMS. ICUMS is my new family in this big city. The heart-warming members that
always help me to adjust myself in this big city, the friendly seniors that always provide help and
tips on studying here. Other than that, I get to join a lot of new activities and events. ICUMS has
given me a lot of support and I believe that I should show my gratitude. I have decided to run for
the position – Secretary.

If elected, my aims and goals are:
– Ticketing
1. Have a MNight Ticket Sales Booth on a specific day (eg: Ticket Day) On the day
itself, we would promote MNight and it will boost our tickets selling for Sunday.
(We could give our sponsors’ freebies such as drinks)

– Fortnightly Newsletter
1. Do a survey regarding our newsletter to check the relevance of it
2. Work along with other committees to create a compact newsletter, promoting our
upcoming events
3. Include encouragement for examinations and greetings for festive season
4. Other than that, working along with Communication Secretary to include the links
to the pictures of our past events in our newsletter
– Is it efficient to post important messages through Facebook?
1. Do a survey on how many people are aware of Facebook message/post
2. Find new means of sending messages. E.g. email, Whatsapp and etc (included
in survey)

– Room bookings, Record Keeping using Google Drive and Minutes Meeting
1. Under the constitution, secretary is in charge for room booking requests from the
society, sponsors and affiliates. I would like to maintain the current system where
we help the Lion Dance Team in room booking for the entire year and prioritise
room bookings for our affiliates, iCube and ICMS
2. Keeping all the documents throughout the year for each department in Google
Drive should be maintained since it is organized and easier for the committeemembers to find specific documents when needed


Why am I suitable for this position?

– Committed and motivated

I am a fully committed and motivated person when I decided to join or do
something. For instance, during Dikir Barat practices, I will do my best for each
move and help others too since we hold the responsibilities together to create a
great MNight show

– Self- Discipline
I plan what I want to do and things that I need to do. I have my calendar planner
on my phone that I usually update all of the datelines or projects that I need to
send. With this skill,I do believe that it is important to make sure everything is in
place in ICUMS
– Organizational skills
I have good organizational skills, I organize my notes and documents in different
folders and chronologically to ensure it is neat and tidy

– Communication skills
I am capable to understand people and get their attention in a discussion. I am
easy to talk with and it is important to have good communication skills for us to
engage with members for their needs involving MSoc

Past Experiences
1. Asst. Head Girl 1 Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (TKC) 2014
2. Prefect TKC 2011-2014
3. Asst. House Captain ALIA Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) 2016-2017
4. Prefect KTJ 2016-2017
5. Secretary Athletics Club TKC 2014
6. Head of Robotics Club (R&D) – 2014
7. Director of Funding KTJ LEO Club 2016-2017
8. Current Outreach Officer of iCube Marketing & Outreach
With my past experiences, I am used to work with a big group and work under high pressure. I
am also open to any comments and suggestions for a better outcome for the group. Hereby, I
strongly believe that with these qualities and all my past experiences, I will be able to uphold all
the responsibilities of Secretary at ICUMS with my determination.