Alex Lee

Name: Alexander Lee

Course: 1 st year Civil Engineering

Proposer: Benjamin Ng (2 nd year BioEngineering)

Seconder: Nicholas Oon (3 rd year Biotechnology)

Run Down position: None


Home is a place where the heart is. In such an alien place, it is definitely a struggle to find a place

that resembles what we can call home. However, I find safe haven in ICUMS. The transition from

school to university can be a difficult one however the society has made this change a smooth one

for me. I wish to make this shift for the coming freshers the same as how it was for me or even

better. My vision as the welfare officer is to ensure that members are able to voice any concerns

they have as well as making sure that freshers are able to transition well into a university


These are some of the things I would like to achieve as welfare officer:

1) Senior mentoring scheme

Implement a mentoring scheme that would enable first year students to consult the second

years from the same course. Second years would be able to give useful advice and could

provide previous pieces of work and notes to mentees as reference material. For first years,

the scheme provides a great source of support from someone who is further in their

university career. For second years, not only are they able to assist a fellow Malaysian but

they are also meeting new people and developing transferrable skills in the process.

2) More frequent buddy family meetings

The buddy family is a very important element in ICUMS and can be seen as a family away

from home. I believe there is a strong correlation between the number of buddy family

meetings and inter family bonds, and would endeavour to significantly increase the

frequency of these meetings.

3) Anonymous survey

Implement an anonymous survey so that members within the society can provide

suggestions to help improve the society as a whole or could voice any concern that is

troubling the respondent at the moment. By making the survey anonymous, respondents

would not have to worry about receiving criticism and therefore would be able to provide

truthful feedback. Members who take part in the survey should be made aware that their

voice truly matters and that they deserve to have a say in the direction ICUMS goes.

4) Improvements and updates on current freshers’ handbook and halls of residence guide

The freshers’ handbook is an extremely useful tool for those who are leaving home for the

first time. It is therefore important that it covers most aspects of the application process to

what living abroad is like. Even though the current version of the handbook does do that job

well, there are still improvements that could be made to it. Additional things that could be

added into the freshers’ handbook include details on immigration health surcharge (IHS),

what to do after visa application is successful/unsuccessful, details on different banks and

means of transport in London, other safety issues eg fraud, lost/stolen BRP. Moreover, the

halls of residence guide would need to be updated using experiences from freshers from this


Being on the receiving end of Msoc this year, I feel the need to contribute back and have therefore

chosen to run for a position on the committee as welfare officer. Currently being on the hall

committee as well as leading the ReachOut programme in college has equipped me with the soft

skills I believe are necessary to take on this role. These experiences have taught me how to organise

events efficiently as well as work with large groups of people. I am also approachable and friendly

which are essential traits for a successful welfare officer. Even though this role is a challenging one,

with a clear goal in mind fuelled by a passion towards improving the society and looking after the

wellbeing of its members, any present hurdle could be overcome.