Bryan Beh

Name: Bryan Beh

Course: 1st Year Geophysics

Proposer: Nicholas Oon- 3rd Year Biotechnology

Seconder: Tau Teng Chong- 3rd Year Geophysics

Run Down position: None


I left home 3 years ago. Being in a foreign country in pursuit of my own goals and dreams, it felt that I came to a stage of my life where home was a luxury I had to leave behind. Imperial College Union Malaysian Society (MSoc) has set a contrast to my lifestyle. It brought with it a culture with a pristine sense of belonging that I had long forgotten. Through the many memories and the bonds I’ve made with the individuals that reside in it, it became the home I never asked for, and now cannot see myself without.


My vision as Vice President:

  1. Ensure Msoc remains as an unconditional home for all who resides within it.
  2. Realise an epic, a production with a grand central idea as Imperials next Mnight.


To achieve my vision, I have broken it down to two sections highlighting my main objectives.


As Vice President, my main objectives include:

-Assisting the president in carrying out his vision. Welfare’, being the main vision of last year’s Msoc was in my opinion notably achieved through the many initiatives taken by the previous committee. I hope to instil the ideals of the president and the society by collaborating closely with the upcoming committee to provide the level of engagement, social connection and intensity of an experience I’ve gotten from being a part of Msoc as a fresher.

-work closely with External Liaison Officer on larger scale events. Having been a Sports Head for both student councils in high school and college as well as being an organiser of major college and high school events in the past, I am well versed with what it takes to hold an event. As a personal touch to the dynamic of the upcoming committee, I will oversee events on a magnitude that requires collaboration with other universities to help act as the bridge between the different Msoc bodies involved. This will help lighten the burden of the President in this area, and bring forth more opportunities for members of Msoc to interact with members from other Msoc bodies throughout the UK.


As Producer, my main objectives include:

-work closely with directors and co-producer in scriptwriting. As an amateur poet, I am familiar with the elements of storytelling. Having been sponsored by my college for various competitions in the UK, my passion for word craft and metaphors will help aid the acting directors in pushing the boundaries of the overall theme and character complexity, experimenting with different genres to deliver a performance that will leave an impact as has been done with this year’s MNight. I strive to help realise a unique dynamic in the plot to raise the already high standards of MNight.


-work with creative directors closely to ensure alignment of creative idea. For a production as grand of a scale as Mnight, an in-depth understanding of the story’s central ideas and characters among the creative director is key in producing a masterpiece. Therefore, a thorough explanation of the storyline and the main ideas of the plot will be given once the script is finalised, in order for the creative directors to fully understand the elements of the story, and incorporate them into their respective work. Throughout the progression of Mnight, the co-producer and I will personally communicate and work with each creative director from all divisions to ensure their own ideas could flourish and enhance the dynamic of the production.

-re-introducing a concept dance. I believe the first 30 seconds of the production is what sets the tone of the entire show. This is important to leave a lingering awe in the atmosphere, grabbing the full attention of the audience which will bring them along the entire experience at full throttle. Therefore, a reintroduction of a concept dance, done previously in different Mnights such as Maya and Checkmate, would be suitable in creating a lasting impact throughout the show.


-establish constant communication between different divisions. Each division belongs in a large interconnected web, all striving to realise a masterpiece. To ensure constant flow of information between the individual divisions, a fortnightly meeting between all divisions of the Mnight committee will be held in order to establish a clear understanding of progression. This meeting also serves as a medium to raise issues that arise from individual divisions, acting as a self-reflective system for constant improvement. This is an idea brought forward from the previous Vice President as it is has proved itself as a commendable mean of close-knit communication.


-establishing a technical director. The elements of the physical stage is key in bringing a story to life. This new role is responsible in orchestrating the lighting, sound and mic queues. This year we had extremely dedicated directors, therefore they could take charge of scriptwriting, coaching the actors as well as handling the entire production’s technical stage work. However, this has definitely took a toll on their own studies and possibly health. In response, I aim to lighten the burden for the upcoming acting directors, as well as to ensure a quality production.


-hall booking and informing UKEC of Mnight dates. I intend to book the Great Hall as soon as possible and take extra precaution to avoid any more ‘time’ bans for hall bookings. By prioritising communication between the Malaysian student societies throughout the UK, I hope to prevent any more clashes in the near future.


Having been part of the main cast has taught me invaluable lessons. Through this journey, I have realised that my role, a stoic father, was a character with values and ideals that deeply resonated with my own. Ultimately, my run for Vice President can be summed up as being the father figure of Msoc. To watch those who started off unbeknownst of what they got into, and coming off at the end with their talents celebrated on stage with a roar of applause, heads held high, arms locked with the brothers and sisters they shared their entire journey with. This is the essence of my run, to finish off my tenure having seen my children take on the night and making it their own.