Bryan Ooi Min Feng

Name: Bryan Ooi Min Feng

Course: 1 st Year Medicine

Proposer: Jess Lyn Low (2 nd year Geology)

Seconder: Zhin Ming Tan (2 nd year Medicine)

Post: Secretary

Run-Down Position: None


As I opened the door in the next step of my journey, I was exposed, bombarded and perhaps
intimidated by a whole new world as I step foot into Imperial, not only through the multitude of
knowledge revealed to me in my chosen field-medicine, but also, the overall university experience itself:
meeting different people of different cultures, cooking, finding internships, research opportunities……
I felt I was not ready as all this information was being thrown at me.
Fortunately, with the advice of many wonderful seniors, and the wide range of activities and
opportunities provided, I felt a sense of belonging in Malaysian Society. The society and friendly people
here lighted up the pathway, easing up a smooth transition as I began my university journey and as I
integrated into the Imperial community. Therefore, I would like to reciprocate the warmth and guidance
this society has given me to current and future generations of students to come, through becoming the
secretary of Malaysian Society.

I would like to work on these following key areas if elected:
1. Fresher’s Introduction and Communication
As the process of stepping into university is quite daunting, I would work with the Welfare and Events
officers to deliver first-hand guidance to incoming Imperial students into preparing for university life,
introducing them to the Malaysian community and ensuring effective communication between them
and our community. This includes updating them via Facebook or email on key information such as
applying for halls of residences, budgeting living expenses, bank account set-ups, and Fresher’s
camp/dinner in a timely manner. Also, there could be an opportunity for them to talk to volunteer
seniors on the same course, allowing them to ask any questions and uncertainties that they might have,
allowing for them to have a smooth transition from 6 th form into uni.

2. Record keeping and meeting minutes
I would ensure that meeting minutes from general meetings and committee meetings are fully updated
and concise, with absent members being provided a summary of key discussions in the meeting to keep
them updated on the events of MSoc. This will be presented in an easily accessible and well-organized
manner. Important matters such as constitutional changes and UKEC proposals will also be
communicated to them effectively, ensuring that they know the reasons, impact and implications of
critical changes proposed.

It is also important to continue using a platform such as google drive for committee members to access
important documents, and for them to have the ability to request, and be provided with, new
documents required in the fastest time possible. Besides, I would also help other members in organizing
any forms or documents they might need for their roles, such as helping the president or vice president
when immediate communication with an external organization is required, or ensuring ticketing
procedures and records are well coordinated by working with the ticketing team and the treasurer.

3. Newsletters, Membership Cards, Feedback, Opportunities
I would work with the communications secretary in writing the society newsletter, updating members
with what the society has done over the past few weeks, and also, with new and upcoming
opportunities available within and outside Imperial as well as other MSocs, such as career events like
the GRADUAN fair, or leisurely activities like food festivals. There will also be an opportunity for
members to provide feedback and recommendations at the end of every newsletter, ensuring events
organized by us reflect demand and are at the highest quality. Also, I would ensure that membership
cards could offer the highest value for money possible, working with the External Liaison Officer and
Event Officers to negotiate new and different restaurant/event discounts with the membership card,
which would be given out to members in an efficient and worry-free manner.

4. Room bookings
I would assist MNight directors, lion dance leaders, and other MSoc affiliate leaders to ensure room
booking requests from different departments are made in a timely fashion, ideally at least 2 weeks in
advance. Rooms booked will also be suited for the purpose. For example, the dance team and lion
dance team would need rooms with a wide space and with minimal hinderances like chairs or tables,
and the MNight music team would need a room with an adequate amount of cables and stands.

Why me?
-I was the President of my school’s student union. Through this position, I realized the importance of 2-
way communication in ensuring development of a school and overall happiness of fellow students.
Therefore, as a secretary of MSoc, I would ensure organization and efficiency are kept to the highest
standard, providing a reliable platform for Malaysian students throughout their university life.
-I was also part of my school’s Young Entrepreneur Club. Organizing a variety of large scale events such
as a New Year celebration and Christmas “Secret Santa” required me to be a well-disciplined, well-
organized and disciplined person to ensure good management of these events.
-I am also part of the Imperial Paediatrics Play Team, and a member of Outreach workshop initiatives.
Through these roles, I was required to synthesize complex information and communicate it to a wide
range of audiences of different age group, developing good communication skills.
– My commitment in MNight as the pianist in the music team also showed that I’m a fully dedicated
person, giving my best in each practice and improving on each performance.

I believe that my primary role would be to build bridges between the committee, members of different
stages in their studies, and external organizations that offers the best opportunities for our community.
I understand that I will be imperfect at times and would appreciate if anyone offers me criticism and
feedback on my performance, but, through my dedication, commitment and hard work, I will assure
that Malaysian Society will always deliver 100% to our members and the Imperial community.