Chan Xie Wing (Jaselyn)

Name: Chan Xie Wing (Jaselyn)

Course: 1 st Year Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Carol Tock (2 nd Year Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry)

Seconder: Nurin Abdul Aziz (2 nd Year Biomedical Science)

Post: Secretary

Run-Down Position: None


Why am I the best candidate for the job?
1. Proficient in written English
My capability in written English can be seen from:
– Attaining 2 nd runner up in my high school’s English Essay Writing Competition in
– Achieving a Distinction in UNSW English Assessment in 2014

2. Good at making sure that everybody is on the right track and working towards the
same goal
– Disciplinary Administrator for Chinese Orchestra from 2012 to 2014
I was in charge of taking attendance and making sure that every member of the
orchestra arrives practice on time. I was also responsible of giving penalties to the
members who are absent from practice without reason.
– First chair of Chinese Flute in Chinese Orchestra from 2013 to 2014
I lead the members of the flute section during practice and made sure that everybody’s
skills are up to par.

3. Experienced with doing paperwork and communicating through emails
– Green House Deputy Captain in 2014
In charge of sign ups for Sports Day, coordinating teams for each sport throughout the
event. Handled the bookings for the sports practice venues.
– Head of Ambassador’s Department of Student Council in 2016
Held monthly meetings with class representatives to get feedback regarding classes
and college events to improve student experience in college.
– Member of Marketing Department of Jog for Hope 2015
Communicated with multiple TV and radio stations for them to advertise our charity
event by sending emails and making phone calls.
– Organised a student council event called ‘International Food Fair’ in 2016
Had 100% participation rate from the clubs and societies. All the clubs managed to
earn club funds as well as had fun in making and tasting different types of food. The
event received good feedback from the students and teachers as well.

4. Very committed
When I put my mind into doing something, I will commit to it 100% and give my all
to ensure that I do the best I possibly can.
While being a member of the Marketing Department for Jog for Hope, my team and I
would distribute flyers around the parks during the weekends. I also went back to my
high school with my team to meet with my old P.E. teacher so that he could promote
the event to my juniors. As a result, my high school had the highest participation rate
and the event had successfully raised RM60,000 with more than 1,900 participants.
Every Friday when I was in college, I volunteered at a refugee children’s school as a
Rotaract member after class.
Currently, I am volunteering with the Soup Run society every other Sunday evening. I
also go to MNight Vocal team practice regularly and there has not been one instance
where I do not bring my A game during a session.

5. Always receptive to criticism
I believe that feedback is a good way to improve and grow as a person, so I am
always all ears for constructive feedback that can make me better at doing my job.

The areas that I intend to build up on, if elected, are:
1. Venue Bookings
Ensure that venue bookings are made well in advance or as soon as possible by
liaising with the Events Officers and MNight directors and team leaders to prevent
event/practice being venue-less.
2. ICUMS Committee Calendar
Create and constantly update a calendar for deadlines and important dates that the
committee can refer to and keep track of everybody’s progress.
3. Newsletter
The weekly newsletter can be further improved by adding more exciting corners such
as ‘ICUMS Confessions’, using more graphics and less words.
4. MNight Ticketing
We can explore the option of using E-tickets as they are more convenient because
people are more likely to lose physical tickets and it is easier to keep track of the
5. Yearly Surveys
Although I am aware that the suggestions page in the ICUMS website is always open,
I want to propose that we conduct yearly surveys through Google forms/other
platforms regarding the society as a whole. This would provide more insight and
ultimately help the society to improve.
6. Organisation of Important Documents
Ensure that all documents regarding ICUMS are on the Google Drive and up to date
by checking it weekly and urging the departments who has not uploaded their files to
upload it as soon as possible.

7. Restaurant Discounts
I will try my best to get discounts from more restaurants by creating a list and sending
out emails.
The REAL question: Why am I running for ICUMS Secretary?
Studying in a foreign country can be tough, especially when you’re away from family and
living as an independent young adult. However, ICUMS makes me feel like I have an
extended family here in the UK that loves me just as much as my family back at home. All
the seniors that I have met genuinely care for us juniors, and I can definitely see myself being
lifelong friends with everyone I have met here.
As a token of my appreciation for this wonderful society, I desire to dedicate my time and
give my utmost effort to be your Secretary. Hence, the reason why I am writing this. I
understand that this will not be an easy position, but I am confident that if given the chance, I
am able to bear the weight of it and work at my uppermost calibre.