Chang Eu Han

Name: Chang Eu Han

Course: 1st Year MEng Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Choo Tsin Hoong (2nd Year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Choy Chuok Ying (3rd Year Mathematics)

Run-Down Positions: None


Home…… It is not confined neither by the four walls of the house nor the lavish decoration in it, instead it is a place where you feel the most comfortable and accepted alongside your loved ones, people who care about you and I have found mine in the UK in the shape of ICUMS.

I find myself surrounded with people who care and accept me for who I am and have discovered life-long friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. These people have been such a positive influence on me so far and I honestly cannot imagine my 1st year in Imperial being any other way.

ICUMS has given me so much these past few months and being entrusted with role of President would be a great platform for me to contribute back to these group of people whom I call my family. I aspire to be the father-figure of this huge family, guiding and caring over my family members, and will always be there for every Malaysian in Imperial looking for a sense of belonging.

If elected, my objectives for ICUMS are:

  1. Strengthening relationships between members

A thriving student community such as ICUMS can only be built upon when members feel welcomed and happy among their fellow peers. They are the strong pillars supporting ICUMS and it my duty to ensure that those pillars remain strong regardless of how rough the weather ahead is. Fresher’s Camp and the current Buddy Family System has proven to be one of the best way to bring together members from different disciplines but I believe there is still room for improvements. As cliché as it sounds, ‘Once a ICUMS member, always a ICUMS member’. Besides that, I would like to encourage more inter-department activities such as Sports Day or lunch, among the members as I believe it is a great stepping stone to foster friendship among the juniors and seniors. Thus, it is important that I try my best to encourage the 3rd and 4th year students to join all these activities and provide more subsides for these activities as they are also a part of this big ICUMS family. Bridging the gap between the senior and junior students would help strengthen relationships between all the members and give birth to a more harmonious and friendly environment for ICUMS members to call home. If it is possible, I would also like to organise a ICUMS Tour around London to help in bringing the juniors and seniors closer together and it is a good getaway after the hectic academic year in Imperial.


  1. Collaboration, Sponsorship and Student Welfare

Though inter-relations between ICUMS members are important, I believe that the collaboration with organizations and sponsors are also equally essential to keep ICUMS standing strong and going financially. For a start, I aim to work closely with the External Liaison Officer to maintain our current sponsors and convincing them that the funding they provide is well spent for the welfare of ICUMS members. I can do that by updating our sponsors regarding our annual activities and enlightening our members on our sponsors, be it be Gold, Silver and Bronze. I understand that ICUMS is in a very good financial position, so I do not think that we require any new sponsors currently. However, it is always important to have a back-up just in case the time calls for it. Thus, I will also be looking in to obtaining potential sponsors in Malaysia that could contribute to ICUMS and all its members. With the society being financially stable and ready to face any unexpected crisis, I can devote most of the funding towards the welfare of all our members and bring them together through our various activities, which is ultimately the main objective a student society like ICUMS should strive to achieve. In addition to that, it is important that I maintain the affiliations between ICUMS and student bodies such as YME, iCUBE, IMS and UKEC and the fellow alumni of Imperial College London as it will benefit our members greatly. I will try my best to encourage my members to participate in the activities our affiliations partners have organised and also inviting them to our events to share a thing or two with our members.

I am running for this role because I am confident with my ability to take up this challenge. I am very approachable and friendly, thus I believe that I can easily make friends with all my members regardless of age or background. Besides that, I am also confident that I can be the catalyst and role model that sparks many more friendships among ICUMS members. In the past, I have taken up various leadership positions, most notably the Sports Secretary of the MCKL Student Council, this will be without a doubt my most challenging task to date. The road ahead as a President may be full of challenge and unexpected surprises, but I know that I will not be walking down the road alone. With the support of my committee members and also all the members, whom I call family, I am certain that all of us together, united, can push beyond our limits and bring this family towards greater heights, for the sky is not the limit, it is only the beginning. ICUMS……truly Malaysian, truly a home away from home.