Chee Hian Cheng

Name: Chee Hian Cheng

Course: 1 st  Year Civil Engineering

Proposer: Lim Wen Hau (2 nd year Biomedical Engineering)

Seconder: Wong Liang Jun (2 nd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Post: Events Officer

Run-Down Position: Sports Officer


“No man is an island”.
I strongly believe that we as humans, need to be brought together to lead a
happy and successful life. Ever since my high school days, I have been committed
to organising and managing events that bring about social wellbeing.
The sense of belonging I received from ICUMS has been the reason why I desire
to contribute to this society.
Events like the amazing race, musicals, buddy family pot-luck has been the
reason I met so many amazing and talented people. ICUMS has become an
essential part of my life in Imperial.
The opportunity to further contribute to this society (running for this position) is
an absolute no-brainer. If elected, I intend to organise events that focus on:
1. Experiencing London
London is an unique city, given that it is considered as one of the most dynamic
cities of the world. There are countless experiences that are seldom found in
– Stadium Tours/Football Matches
I propose to collaborate with the upcoming sports secretary to organise
stadium tours, as London is the home to many world renowned stadiums,
ie. Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium etc. It is highly possible to
organise trips to watch football matches as tickets are available at
affordable prices for students.
– Classical Concert Trips
London is known for being the cultural capital of the world. One of my
most facinating experiences in London was experiencing musicals and
classical concerts. Given that ICUMS has been organising musical trips
consistently throughout the term, I propose to also organise trips to
classical concerts. Ticket prices to such concerts are surprisingly low and
discounts are available for groups of students. In addition, venues like the
Royal Albert Hall are world class concert halls.

2. Strengthening the ties between Malaysian students
– Amazing Race (Inter-University/Inter- Society)
I believe an effective event should involve teamwork and good
communication. The amazing race gives an opportunity for members to
socialise with Malaysians within and beyond Imperial. I hope to
collaborate with Malaysian societies of other London universities or other
societies in Imperial.

Other possible activities to be organised:
– Hyde Park/Primrose Hill picnic
– Theme park (Thorpe Park/Alton Towers)
– Clubbing event
– Winter Ski trip
– Ice Skating
– Theatre trips
– Welcome dinner for freshers
– Board games mingle session
– Festive celebration dinners (Deepavali, Christmas, CNY)
– Buddy Pot-luck

I have confidence in my ability to organise and manage events successfully. I was
the president and concert master of my high school symphony orchestra, which
as of February 2015, the orchestra had 202 members. During my tenure, the
orchestra had competitions and performances in Genting Highlands, Penang,
Singapore, Hong Kong and Turkey. My major achievement was organising a sold
out concert, where I was the vice chair and stage coordinator.
My dedication towards ICUMS can be seen through my involvement in Mnight
Dikir Barat and Music team. Furthermore, I was the goalkeeper for the Imperial
College Nottingham Games fooball team and I also refereed for 3 games during
the time.