Darryl Hong Sheng Tan

Name: Darryl Hong Sheng Tan

Course: Biomedical Engineering

Proposer: Chang Eu Han (2 nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder:Wen Hau Lim (2 nd Year Biomedical Engineering)

Post: Treasurer

Run-Down Position: None


Some Background
Joining Imperial was a dream come true for me, all those months of hard work had finally paid off. When
I received the offer, I was both excited yet nervous about life in the UK and Imperial like every other
fresher. My first contact with students from Imperial was actually the Malaysians freshers group on
Facebook. I made my first few friends through events such as the Freshers dinner and camp held last
year. All the help I received from the society through these events made me feel prepared when I first
arrived at London for the first time.

Why Treasurer and Why ME?
Thinking of how MSoc has guided me through the last few months, I wanted to contribute to the society
and help the next generation of Imperial Malaysian students like how the society did for me. I chose to
run for treasurer because in the past, I held positions in many different societies including Scouts (Troop
Leader), Prefects (Head of Department) etc. These where all very demanding positions which require my
full attention and management was key to maintaining the work-life balance. Although I have never
worked as a treasurer before, this would be a perfect opportunity for me to gain new insight and
experience for myself. Don’t worry though, I’m not completely clueless as I have learned accounting in
the past so I’m not going into this position blind.
Summary: It will be a new experience for me and I’m competent in both my
resource management and leadership.

What I Do and What This Means for YOU
The key areas I would focus on to improve on the work that the previous treasurers have done are:
– Transparency
– Budget Planning for YOU
– Communication
Transparency – It is a no brainer that a treasurer is expected to be transparent about the finances of
the society and I would be no exception. The accounts of the society will be available to all members if
they request to do so and it would be made available on a quarterly basis.

Budget Planning for YOU – Not known to all members, but the budget for the estimated cost of each
event is already set at the beginning of the year. However, a perfect budget does not exist and there will
be over and underestimation of cost. To improve on that, feedback will be taken after each event and
the feedback received will be discussed with the Events Officer and committee monthly to create a
dynamic and fluid budget that suits the needs of the society and its members. It also ensures the target
finances of the society are being met at the end of the year.
Communication – Besides planning for the budget, the treasurer receives payments from its members
for various events however not everyone will remember the deadline and often enough, payments will
be missed. I will work with the Events Officer to cross-check the names and will send out a reminder in
the form of E-mail or personal message to make sure they pay up and send out confirmation notices to
members once payment has been received.
Summary: No worries of where the money flows, dynamic budget based on your
feedback and reminders for deadlines.

The purpose of the Imperial Malaysian Society is to provide a platform for Malaysians and anyone else
interested to make new friends and have fun. I would not be who I am today without this society over
the past few months and that is a fact. However, all the events and everything else won’t be possible
without the work of the committee and I am committed to providing for the society and to keep
improving on the works of previous committees in my own way.