Linstead Hall

Linstead Hall is one of the 3 halls that make up Eastside Halls. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the main entrance of Imperial College, 2-3 minutes away from the gym Ethos, 1 minute away from the Essentials convenience store as well as 30 seconds away from the NHS healthcare centre and dental services in Southside.

There are two kitchens on each floor, with shared freezers, kitchen cupboards and refrigerators, which are particularly small, so best not to buy too much food at one go. All rooms in Linstead are en-suite, but one of the biggest drawbacks to living in Linstead is the price. If you are allocated a single room, you will pay 250 pounds a week, which is pretty painful. A twin-sharing room is 131 pounds a week which is significantly cheaper, but your room space is tiny. You will definitely have to get used to the small space you have if you’re used to having your own room back in Malaysia. Your cupboard (for twin-sharing) is about 4 feet high and a foot wide, so if any girls are allocated a room in Linstead I can already hear the cries of despair.

But it’s not all bad. The pros of living in Linstead, (or any of the halls in Princes Gardens) is that it’s so close to college. You could literally use that reason alone to say that Eastside is the best hall in Imperial. If you absolutely need the gym, it’s less than 5 minutes away, and walking to the library at Imperial is simply a breeze. Moreover, the Eastside bar is located right outside Linstead, and provides food, drinks and sports channels for you and your friends to watch together whenever there’s a big match.

Linstead hall is also known to have the best free brunch in all of Imperial’s halls. Every Sunday, the hall seniors will get together to cook a classic English brunch (sausages, eggs, mash etc) for you and your hallmates. Also, for the past two years, Linstead has had the least number of Malaysians living under its roof (2 per year). That may seem a little uncomfortable to some of you who may be homesick, but in truth it also allows you the opportunity to mix with people from all over the world, and not just Malaysians. I’ve befriended people from Brazil, Botswana, China, England, Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland and Zimbabwe….all on the very same floor in Linstead! It is currently not known if the trend of few Malaysians will continue next year, but if it does, then you’ll have an experience very unique to Linstead.


Contributed by: Nicholas Oon (2nd year Biotechnology)