Wilkinson Hall

This hall is close to university, yeah if not the closest. From entrance to the business school entrance, it is only 3 minutes on foot.

The room is relatively small as compared to that of other halls. However the plus point is that we have our own toilet and the toilet is new and clean (well it depends on you thou.) Two table lamps and one laundry basket are provided by hall. Room service comes once in a fortnight.

As compared to other halls in princes gardens, Wilkinson Hall is the nearest to Essentials (a grocery store) and Ethos (sports and gym centre). And as Wilkinsoners, we have access to both Weeks and Eastside common room. In Weeks common room, there are Xbox and table tennis while in eastside common room, there is a foosball table.

Please take note that Wilkinson provides free brunch every Sunday at 11am at Eastside Common room. Not luxurious but filling, this weekly free brunch is a great chance to know some hall mates.

For kitchen, each of us gets a lockable cabinet and a small compartment for fridge and freezer. The kitchen is new and spacious but the cleanliness of it depends on you floor mates.

Contributed by: Tiew Wee Kee (2nd year Biotechnology)



Distance: About 5 minutes from college. Basically across the road from Mechanical Engineering Department
Room: Twin Ensuite on the Lower Ground floor
Price: GBP 131 per week (going to be increased)
What’s provided: Bed, Mattress, Cupboard, Drawers, Safety (Lockable) Drawer, Study Table, Chair, Study Lamps, Laundry Basket, Table Fan
To bring/buy: Pillows, Duvet, Pillow and Duvet Covers, Bolsters (You don’t get round bolsters in the UK), Clothes, Toiletries, Pots and Pans, Cutleries and other normal stuff you probably know you need =D

The rooms in Wilkinson were refurbished a few years ago so they feel brand new. I live in a twin room with a Singaporean roommate. We only have one cupboard for the both of us to share but we also have more wardrobe space (drawers included) allocated under our bed. Enough to keep all your clothes. The single beds are comfortable and nice (not too comfy for 2 people on one bed) =P. The bathroom is a decent size as well. It has a shower (with hot water), a toilet, a big mirror and a sink with lots of storage space.

The Lower Ground floor is the largest floor in the building with 30 people living in it. It is the only floor with two kitchens where one is much bigger than the other. The larger one is often most used for elaborate cooking and therefore is always dirtier (still manageable though). In the kitchens you can find: Kettles, Microwaves, Toasters, Ovens, Refrigerators, Freezers and Induction stoves.

There’s a laundry room in the basement where there are washing machines, dryers and irons as well. The first two are coin operated.

Overall the place is wonderful and so close to campus. My roommate and I have such a good connection that we constantly hang out and watch shows together. If you are up for lots of interaction and making new friends, this hall will be really fun. They constantly organise activities and trips so that you can join in. Also, there’s free brunch every Sunday at 11am except during holidays. Hope you enjoy Imperial and its halls. If you need to ask anything else, you can ask me on FB. =)

Contributed by: Girrja Mohandass ( 2nd  year Mechanical Engineering)