Falmouth Hall

Okay freshers, so basically what you could do, or should is skip all this reading and just pick Falmouth Hall or any other Southside halls as your top choices. But if you still need convincing, here are some of the reasons to annoy your friends that got into other halls:

First of all, ultimate selling point is that you will be 5-10 minutes away from lectures, the library, the museums South Ken has to offer, NHS, South Ken station, ATM machine(s), Ethos (ICL sports centre) and around 15 minutes for Tesco, the big Sainsbury, poop loads of restaurants. Well you get the idea, everything you need will be within walking distance.

Also, Southside is one of the newest halls ICL has to offer. Not gonna lie, but it looks more like a hotel than an accommodation for university student. And it’s true because they do rent the place out during summer. The rooms are modern and the amount of storage space you get is ridiculous. You will have one of the largest study desk and wardrobe relative to the other halls. Best part is, the Wi-Fi is always strong… enough. There’s even a bath tub on Mez floor if you fancy that.(supposed to be for OKU but no one actually uses it) For entertainment, there’s the Wolfson Lounge (pool table, table tennis, couch and TV, table football and even a piano. We even had our Malaysian potluck here) just right beneath Falmouth and every Southsiders has access to it. We also have our own common rooms and for Falmouth we have a Wii and a PS4. It serves as the largest stress relief or distraction of all time. You can also have a picnic or just chill in the garden just in front of Southside, a privilege most of the other halls dream of. There’s even a BBQ event there for the whole Southside, and speaking of events Southside will blow you away. And we get a lot more free stuff…… like drinks. So yeah, we are spoiled.

Last of all, well done for wasting your time reading all this and I do believe that you’re an Atheist because you didn’t had faith in paragraph no1. Hope to see you here soon.

Contributed by: Joshua Moh (2nd year Bioengineering)