Keogh Hall

Keogh Hall is a unique hall as it is connected to Falmouth Hall so you will have to go through Falmouth Hall to get to Keogh Hall. Keogh Hall, like all Southside Halls, is very near to the college (about 2 minutes walk).

Keogh Hall only has 3 floors and also has a lift. There are en-suite single and twin rooms in Keogh. The en-suite single rooms are about £200 per week while the en-suite twin rooms are about £130 per week. I would recommend applying for the en-suite twin rooms as they are more affordable and you can make friends with your roommate. Having a roommate might sound daunting, but I enjoyed living with my roommate as we often helped each other and shared our experience with each other.

Keogh Hall is small compared to other halls (about 8 people on my floor), so I got to know all my floormates. My room was an en-suite twin room, so I paid about £130 a week. The size of my room was enough to fit all my stuff so I was happy with it. There is one cupboard where you can hang your clothes and keep your things. There will also be a locker where u can keep your valuables in.

We share a kitchen among the 8 of us. Although it may be a bit crowded sometimes (when all of us are cooking together), but none of us steals each other’s food or cutlery because we all know each other so it is relatively safe compared to other halls’ kitchens. Being in Keogh Hall, I had access to two common rooms, which are in Falmouth and Keogh respectively. The common room in Falmouth had PS4 and FIFA 15 so I spent a lot of time there 😛 There is also a piano, foosball table, pool table and a table tennis table.

One of the kitchen in Keogh Hall
One of the kitchen in Keogh Hall

I really enjoyed my stay in Keogh Hall as I had access to everything I needed. My favourite part about staying in Keogh is that I am only 5 minutes away from my lecture hall so I can wake up late. However, the grocery stores are located a bit far away so I have to walk for about 30 minutes to reach the grocery store.

Contribued by: Ng Chew Hou ( 2nd year Mathematics)