Tizard Hall


Tizard is one of the four magnificient halls that comprise the Southside Hall of residence, strategically situated among Selkirk, Falmouth and Keogh. Like every other Southside hall, all the rooms are either double, single or premium single. For your information, each and every one of them is en-suite , carpeted and equipped with two table lamps, a fan, three open shelves ,one to two considerably large fitted sliding wardrobe and cabinet ( good news for the girls!) for each individual as well as a compact radiator fixed onto the wall per room.

Twin-sharing room in Tizard Hall
Twin-sharing room in Tizard Hall


There is a common kitchen on each floor, shared among approximately 20 of your floormates. Sleek and contemporary design with an appealing layout, I still remembered the overwhelming urge to delve into gastronomy the first time I stepped into the kitchen. It was inexplicable, you will have to come and see for yourself. J The kitchen is well-furnished with freezers, refrigerators, kettles, toasters, electric hobs, two built-in ovens and two microwave ovens. Each room will be assigned a lockable storage space. There are plenty of communal storage spaces lying around nevertheless. However, keep in mind that you are storing your belongings there at your risks. It is highly advisable to keep your cutlery and kitchenware in your personal storage area. Any crockery, cutlery, pots and pans left uncleaned on the worksurfaces and in the sink will be dumped into a designated bin by the cleaning staff and it will be regularly emptied by Friday. More often than not, your floormates will “borrow” your stuff and “forget” to clean it for you, that is when your belongings are likely to go missing. For instance, for me, I have lost four knives, four spoons and forks, a pan, a bowl –you name it.

One of the kitchens in Tizard Hall
One of the kitchens in Tizard Hall

Cleaning schedule

The cleaner will pay a visit to your kitchen once every two days and typically once per three weeks for your room.

Common room

There are a common room situated on the lower ground floor. A full shelf of novels, LCD TV connected to PS3 or Xbox with several bean bags lying around as well as a few proper sofas are the typical installations you can find in the common room for most if not all of the Southside halls. Besides, the Wolfson lounge which can be found between Falmouth and Tizard are accessible to all the Southside residents. There are a table tennis table, a pool table, a foosball table, a piano, a LCD TV and a couple sofas in the setting. It is, undoubtedly, a fantastic place to hang out with your companions.


There is a laundry room located at the basement of the building. There are three washing machines in the room, complemented with three dryers and two irons. The irons are freely accessible while a minimum of £2 and £1 in coins have to be inserted in order to operate the washer and dryer respectively.


Its incredible proximity to the college compound is one of its most irresistible attractions of all. With just a five-minute walk to the college, you can easily wake up 15 minutes before your lectures and still make it on time. One thing worth mentioning is that supermarket chains like Tesco and Sainsbury are not in the vicinity of the residence. It might be a nuisance for some to carry tons of groceries all the way back to their hall. In spite of this, this matter can be easily coped with the subscription of online delivery service with a price as low as £3 per month (term and condition apply). For those sports lovers, good for you, ethos sport centre is just a stone’s throw away.

Southside vs. Eastside

When it comes to selecting your accommodation preferences, a lot of freshers confront with a dilemma of having to choose between Southside and Eastside. So……what exactly is the difference between the two? Eastside Hall of Residence is founded two years later than Southside Hall of Residence, which is in 2009. Both of them share a similar architecture despite minor variations in their layouts. There are a convenience store and a bar within Eastside, while the NHS health centre and dental clinic are within the Southside building. They are open to public anyway. However, one minor difference that I notice over the course of the year is that the common rooms in Southside as well as the Wolfson lounge are normally not accessible during winter and Easter break. On the other hand, the Eastside common room, in spite of the fact that it is shared among all the eastside halls, it is always accessible throughout the year. All in all, they are pretty much the same, so just….. go with your gut!


Contributed by: Kueh Wee Rock (2nd Year Biochemistry)