Wilson House

Wilson House
Imperial College London
38-76 Sussex Gardens
W2 1UF


Bello! This is your all you need to know Guide to Living in Wilson House!

Wilson House is one of the biggest and more modern accommodation that Imperial College has to offer. (By more modern, I mean nicer looking) as Wilson was recently refurbished in 2013 and has bed spaces for ~ 392 students.


At quick glance at the rooms and rents at Wilson. (2015-2016)

Type of room Number of bed spaces Rent per Week
En-suite single 61 £182
Standard single 240 £154
Basement Standard single 30 £142
En-suite twin 24 £122
Standard twin 36 £117


Wilson is comprised of 22 inter-connected Victorian townhouse (Old Block) and a new, residential block (The Annexe) at the back. As stated before, there are 22 houses in the Old Block. Each house typically has 15 rooms (usually 14 standard singles and 1 twin standard twin), 1 shared kitchen and 4 shared toilets. *(Arrangement may vary). There are NO en-suite rooms in the Old Block, so you will be sharing the toilets with 15 of your housemates.  However, all the standard rooms come with a wash basin and mirror.

There are XXX rooms in the Annexe. All the rooms in the Annexe (single- and twin-rooms) are en-suite. Residents in the Annexe will be sharing a single large kitchen.

Standard single room on Ground Floor
Standard single room on Ground Floor


All the rooms here come with standard furnishings (Bed, wardrobe, cupboard, book shelf, study table, lamp and table fan and telephone). All standard rooms will also have a wash basin and a mirror. There is a radiator in your room but the heating system for the building is centralised and is only turned on at certain times of the day.

All the bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms are cleaned once every month while the shared bathrooms are cleaned 3 times a week.

Internet- There is an Ethernet socket to allow you to connect your PC to the internet. WiFi is also available throughout the building.

Overnight Guests- Residents are not allowed to let guests stay overnight, except with the permission of the Wardens. Permission can be requested using the form on the Wilson Hall website.  (Not sure if I can put this: Generally, if you do disturb your housemates or other residents, people will not mind you bringing friends to stay overnight.)

As Wilson House is a self-catered hall, each house in the Old Block has a shared kitchen. Some larger kitchens are shared between 2 houses. The Large Kitchen in the Annexe will be shared with all the residents in the Annexe. There are at least 8 cooker hobs, and 2 ovens in every kitchen. NOTE: All the cooker hobs in Wilson House are ELECTRIC. (Not gas, induction etc.) Kettles, toasters and microwave ovens are also provided in every kitchen. Each resident will also have a locked cupboard in the kitchen. The kitchens are cleaned 3 times a week.

Location, Location, LOCATION!
Wilson House is located in Paddington, which is north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Although it is further away from the Main Campus in South Kensington than Princes Gardens and Beit Hall, Wilson is in a very convenient and nice area.

For most people, the best way to get to College is a 25-30 minute walk to College through Hyde Park (actually Kensington Gardens but we all call it Hyde Park anyways). If you get a bicycle, cycling through Hyde Park will take 10-15 minutes. (IMPORTANT: Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are closed to pedestrians at sunset. You will have to use the Main Road which is open until midnight).

Location of Wilson House (A: Wilson House B: Imperial College London)
Location of Wilson House

The closest tube stations are Edgware Road and Paddington which are both only 5 mins walk away. You can take the Circle line to South Kensington from both the stations. There are many Bus-Stops just outside of Wilson House. To take the Bus to Imperial, you can take the 414 (to Putney Bridge) Bus from the Edgware Road (ED) Stop and stop at South Kensington Station. Both routes take approximately 25 mins to reach Imperial (door-to-door). The Paddington Rail Station is also located here (5 mins walk away) and the Heathrow Express operates from Paddington.

Groceries, Supermarkets and Shopping
There are a wide variety of supermarkets (big and small), and groceries stores within walking distance from Wilson.

  • Tesco Express (Praed Street: 5 mins)
  • Marks & Spencer (Edgware Road: 5mins)
  • Waitrose (Edgware Road: 5mins)
  • Tesco Metro (Edgware Road: 7mins)
  • Sainsbury’s Local (Eastbourne Terrace/Praed Street: 9mins)

ARGOS is also located 5 mins away from Wilson House. This is where you can get your beddings and kitchen wares and home appliances when you first check in. No need to go very far to buy your duvets, pillows, bed linen, pots and pans etc. There is also ‘Select & Save’ around the corner which sells many types of household items

For you all shopaholics out there, Oxford Street is just 20 mins walk from Wilson House. You can find Primark, H&M, Uniqlo, Zara, Next, Gap, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, House of Frasers and many other stores here in Oxford St.

Food and Restaurants
There are many restaurants and cafes around Wilson House. You can find all kind of restaurants around Paddington Rail Station (Chinese food, British food, Indian food, Fast food etc.) and many Middle Eastern restaurants along Edgware Road. But more importantly. There’s 2 Malaysian Restaurants nearby, Melur and Satay House. (Yes, I’m serious. In fact, Satay House is literally behind Wilson House) Melur accepts discounts for MSOC membership cards, so remember to sign up for MSoc when you are here. Eating out is expensive in London, so most students will cook in halls. There is also a pub, The Monkey Puzzle right opposite Wilson if you want to have some drinks with your pals on Friday Nights.

St. Mary’s Hospital (Imperial College London)
Imperial College London (St. Mary’s Campus) is right behind Wilson House (5 mins walk). The A&E department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, should you be unfortunate enough to need emergency hospital treatment. The Library at St Mary’s Hospital is also available for use by Wilson residents. All you to do is ask for access to be granted to you by the Security Office at the Main campus.

Wilson House- Services and Facilities
Here’s a 360 virtual tour of Wilson House, now available on Google Maps.

(a) Common Rooms
There are many common rooms throughout Wilson. The common rooms are available for use all day The Common rooms are as follows:

(b) Social Space – ground floor of the Annexe. The largest common room in Wilson. Most hall events will take place here. Comes with a ping-pong table, and a 42” plasma TV set

(c) Meeting Room (aka “Piano Room”) – ground floor of the Annexe. There’s piano available for residents to play

(d) Common Room 1 & 2 – ground floor of the Annexe, Place where residents can hang out or study
(e) Games Room – comes with table football, a pool table, and TV and PlayStation 3

(f) TV Room – where Movies Nights are usually held, but available for use at all times

(g) Study Room – Quiet study area

(h) Laundry 
The Laundry Room is located in the Basement of the Old Block.  In Wilson, Cards are used to pay for your laundry. Each washing costs £2 while the dryer costs £1. When you check in, you will be given a laundry card (Circuit TopUp Card) that has an initial £5 credit available to use. Credit can be top-up at www.circuitcardtopup.com. There are also 3 iron and boards available to use in the Laundry Room.

(i) Mail
Every resident will also have a locked mailbox assigned. However, parcels that cannot fit into the mailbox will be kept by the hall supervisors at reception. You will then need to collect your parcel from them in person during office hours.

(j) Gym & Sports
Wilson residents are also allowed to use the Gym and Swimming pool at the St. Mary’s Hospital (2 mins walk). (No need to go all the way to Ethos). Access is free for students (you just need to pay £5 to get an access card). The swimming pool is open exclusively to Wilson residents on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 18:30-19:00 – 2 Lanes and 19:00-19:30 – Whole Pool. Hall teams also play basketball and football in the interhall competitions.

(k) Cleaning
The kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas are cleaned at least 3 times a week except for ensuite room bathrooms which are cleaned monthly. Your bedrooms will be cleaned every month.

(l) Bicycle Storage
There is a sheltered bike storage area for use by Wilson residents. The storage racks are available on a first come first serve basis but generally there is enough space for all.

Social Events in Wilson
Throughout the year, the Hall Committee will organise many social events just for the residents. Some are free while some events need to be paid for (but still subsidised by the Hall). The usual events are Free Breakfast on Sundays, Musical Theatre Trips and Dinner Parties on special occasions, Trips and Movie Nights.

The Wardening Team
The wardening team, consisting of the Head Warden, the Assistant Warden and 7 other Sub-Wardens are in residence throughout the year to look after the pastoral, social and disciplinary aspects of the hall. They are postgraduate students or staff at Imperial College. They will also be assisted by 20 Hall seniors who are Imperial Undergrads.

The residents of Wilson are split into 8 subgroups (pastoral groups), which are under the care of a pastoral warden (a Sub-Warden). Your pastoral warden will meet with you at least once a term, and arrange events for your subgroup.


Contributed by: 
Richard Tiong (2nd year Mechanical engineering)


Room types:

  • Single Standard (shared bathroom), Twin Standard (shared bathroom), Single ensuite*, Double ensuite*

*Ensuite rooms are in a different section called the annexe at the back of the house.

Room prices:

  • Single Standard Basement £142, Single Standard £154
  • Twin Standard £117
  • Ensuite Single £182
  • Ensuite Double £122

*all prices are per week in a 39 week contract

Distance from college:

Walking: Approximately 25 minutes (30 if Malaysian style slow walk). A relaxing walk through Hyde Park, unless it’s winter then, well good luck. Note that Hyde Park closes at sunset so you will have to walk around Hyde Park through the main road (which closes at 12am).

*Taking the bus 414 from the V & A museum or Circle line tube from South Kensington Station would be a better option if you’re staying out late

Cycle: Approximately 12-15 mins through Hyde Park. A bicycle is a good option if you are willing to invest in one. Wilson House has a dedicated bike storage area which is usually safe (there have been reports of thefts). Most of the cycling is through Hyde Park so it is safe, however take note you might need to cycle on the road.

Bus: Approximately 30 minutes using Bus 414 to reach South Kensington Station and from there another 7 minute walk to Imperial.

Tube: Take the Circle Line from Edgware Road Station or Paddington Station to South Kensington Station, about 15-20 minutes (may be longer during peak hours). Note that the Circle line runs quite infrequently, about 8 minutes for each tube.  Total journey time may be 30 mins depending on wait times.

Description of rooms.

A 360 view of the rooms is available on the Imperial accommodation website (http://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/campus-life/accommodation/halls/ug/wilson-house/360-tour/). Generally, rooms are fitted with a bed, a wardrobe, study table, a fan and a lamp and a sink (standard rooms). The rooms are cleaned every 4 weeks.


Description of hall.

Wilson House is a hall made up of separate houses all linked together. Recently refurbished, the hall has also recently added an annexe building which only has ensuite rooms. The old section of the halls only contains standard rooms.

Old Section (House 38-76)

Each house has 5 floors (B à 3rd floor). There is no lift access in these houses. Each floor would usually have their own shared bathrooms while the whole house shares a single kitchen. A single kitchen is shared by around 15 people. Try to make friends with your housemates as you most likely will be seeing them everyday!

Annexe Building (ensuites only)

The annexe houses the ensuite rooms in this hall. Probably the nicest building in imperial accommodation (sorry I’m biased). There are 3 floors with about 30 rooms in each floor. There is also lift access here as well as a large social space, 2 common rooms (for study or hanging out) and a piano room.

However, do take note there is only ONE large kitchen for the whole of this building. So be wary, as you might find it hard to cook during peak dinner times (eg 7pm). It would be advisable to cook earlier or later so that there is space. The kitchens are cleaned everyday except Sundays.


There is one games room, a card-operated (yay-no coins) laundry room and a study room in the old section of the hall. In the annexe, there is a large social space (contains a ping pong table and an 80-inch tv), 2 common rooms and a piano room. All residents of the hall are welcomed to use these facilities.

There is a library nearby at the St. Mary campus about 3 minutes walking distance away. Take note that the books there are medicine-based. However it is a good place for quiet study. There is also gym facilities that you can use at St. Mary’s for free after completing the orientation. However, there is limited access for students at these times.

  • Monday 19.00 – 22.00
  • Tuesday 06.30 – 09.00 & 19.00 – 22.00
  • Wednesday 13.30 – 22.00
  • Thursday 06.30 – 09.00 & 19.00 – 22.00
  • Friday 19.00 – 22.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 07.00 – 22.00


There is a Waitrose nearby (5 mins walking distance) and a Tesco Metro (7 mins walking distance) on Edgware road. There are also Halal supermarkets (Al Mufasa) on this road.

Who should stay here?

Wilson house is one of the cheaper alternatives that isn’t very far away (compared to Xenia and Woodward). Wilson House is also one of the nicer halls, being recently refurbished so it still does look shiny. I’d recommend people who don’t mind walking or cycling to university everyday. You do need to wake up much earlier than those at the Prince’s Gardens hall or Beit Hall so people who can’t wake up early may find it harder.


Contributed by: Tay Wei Xiong (2nd year Biomedical Science)