Ho Chang Shen

Name: Ho Chang Shen

Course: 1st Year Computing

Proposer: Ng Kin Sern (2nd Year Bioengineering)

Seconder: Loke Weng Mun (2nd Year Civil Engineering)

Post: Communication Secretary

Run-Down Position: None


The hardship of being away from home for the first time is one that we all have
experienced at some time in our lives. In the UK, this is only amplified by the winter darkness
and harsh cold, a stark difference from the tropical sun and heat back home. However, ICUMS
for many of us is a home away from this home: the warmth of members to resist the cold; the
brilliance of the committee to lighten the dark. This is why I have decided to run for
Communications Secretary, giving me the opportunity not only to give back to ICUMS for what it
has given me, but also to enjoy giving back with my two major hobbies, graphic design and

Since the start of secondary school, I have been involved with designing marketing
material for several societies and organizations. My first major job was being the junior layout
editor for the school magazine, where I first learnt basic graphic design from my senior. Since
then, I continued to be layout designer for the magazine for 4 years, as well as working as
Marketing Director for several student-led charity organizations. As a prefect, I was also
involved with marketing for the school festival, where I designed T-shirts and posters for the
event, as well as shooting and editing the trailer for it. In my senior years of high school, I was
given the privilege of being a Monitor of Cultural Arts and oversaw marketing various theatre,
music and art events. In this post, I was also in charge of the marketing for the largest event of
the year, a week-long arts festival.

I have always been a keen photographer. My focus is nature photography, with some of
my work being showcased on the photography website Unsplash. However, in the past few
years I have been more and more involved with the photography of various events, such as
sports, dinners and concerts. In high school I was involved in the photographic society, helping
teach my juniors photography. This culminated in me being chosen as the head of the
photographic society in my final year. I also have experience in videography, having worked on
short trailers and some event videos.

Throughout the past few years, I have become proficient in using Adobe Illustrator and
InDesign, assisting me with designing material. I also have post-production photography and
videography experience with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. As a computing
student, I am also well-versed in coding and am willing to maintain and update the current
ICUMS website. In addition, I will be sure to update social media utilized by ICUMS on various
social networks regularly.
Something I would like to introduce to the society is a periodical magazine. Having been
layout editor of a school magazine for 4 years and being very involved with the production
process of the magazine, I believe I have the knowledge to help start a magazine written by
members for members. The purpose of the magazine is not to serve as a newsletter, rather it is
to showcase the diversity of the society, giving members the opportunity to submit articles
written about things they are passionate for, such as opinions of current events. I believe that
this will provide an opportunity to bolster the relationship between the members and the society.

If elected as Communications Secretary, I aim to:
1. Help strengthen the communication between the members and committee of ICUMS
and to encourage the participation of members in ICUMS events.
2. Produce high-quality, professional marketing material such as posters, videos, t-shirts
and so on.
3. Be involved with the promotion of MNight through the production of trailers and other
marketing material.
4. Utilize social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, to engage and communicate with
5. Maintain and update the ICUMS website.
6. Document the ICUMS’ members’ experience at events through photography and
7. Introduce a periodical magazine written by members to showcase the opinions of the
ICUMS community.

James Humes said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” I believe I
have the expertise to augment the communication and marketing capabilities of ICUMS and to
help the committee in leading ICUMS as communications secretary.