Kin Sern Ng

Name: Ng Kin Sern

Course: Biomedical Engineering

Proposer: Ryan Maguire (2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering)

Seconder: Tee Haow Jern (2nd Year Physics)


If I were to describe myself in one sentence, I would say “Jack of all trades, master of none.” and sure enough, I find that to be true as I walk down the path laid out before me called ‘life’. I realize that I am incapable of calling myself proficient in one specific field be it in sports, dancing, music and even in my studies.

Often neglecting homework and totally dismissing my academic pursuit, I was a lazy student and it resulted in me attaining only 8 A’s back in SPM, none of which were A+’s (most Malaysians would know the horror of that).


You might be asking “so how did he even manage to land a place at Imperial?”, I can answer that question by telling you how I work. Ever since realizing how important my education was, I’ve never stop learning and acquiring knowledge in every way possible. Starting with my own studies, I’ve been doing my best, working hard every single day with the motto “Carpe Diem”, not letting any time be wasted. I might be overworking myself but I find that this is essential to compensate for my undisciplined childhood. With that, and lots of help from family and friends, I managed to make my way into Imperial, a haven for the brilliant.
The fact that I’m here in Imperial goes to show how much one can do if his/her heart is set to work hard for a certain goal come hell or high water. I have been on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and found myself philosophizing about life ever since then. The voyage was not always smooth-sailing, but so long as I keep my eyes on the greater goal, I find myself gaining strength to face each obstacle that came my way.

One thing I got out of this was the injustice fact of life that ‘hard work does not guarantee success’, something I have experienced many times and would like to stress the other truth that ‘if you give up, you are bound to fail’. I have ever since made these the principles I live by and work hard in every aspect of my life to make full use of my talents.


The reasons I seek to be Vice-President of the Malaysian Society are as follows:


I want to give back to the society what it has given to me.

It has definitely been the highlight of my year, or even the highlight of my life, to be given the role as main actor in MNight 2017 – Piece Of Mind. Joking around and acting like an idiot around my friends was easy, but never did I ever think of putting my raw acting skills to use in this way. I am beyond grateful towards my directors, Ryan Maguire and Jason Chong, for giving me this opportunity to learn from and be guided by them into becoming a better actor. I would love to pass on these precious knowledge and pointers to the next generation. Not only have I gained lots of experience through this, I have also made lots of friends amongst the 1st year Malaysians at Imperial, forming bonds that aren’t easily shattered.

What I want to do is to provide the same experience, the same fun, the same platform for the next generation of Malaysians to enjoy and grow in.


I want to do as much as I can with what I have.

I am fortunate to have been gifted in many areas of life, especially in performing arts. Since young, I was actively participating in church plays and later in years was a seasonal church drummer. Having had basic piano lessons, I didn’t find it hard to follow timings and picked up playing the guitar. Being exposed to 2 sisters who attended ballet classes, I too enjoyed dancing of all sorts be it Michael Jackson’s really pop dances or Bollywood and even lion dancing! I was also part of my high school’s choir for 4 consecutive years. It took a friend to tell me that the reason I did all these was because I ENJOY DOING THEM. I ENJOY DOING THINGS LIKE THIS, singing, dancing, playing music and even acting, all these elements of arts are what makes life more interesting and fun.

Previously one myself, I understand the difficulties and pressure faced by a choreographer.

The burden of thinking up dance moves, the stress of teaching these moves to the dancers even after that comes the worries of whether the dancers can execute the moves in sync, packed with sharpness and energy. I will be able to empathize with the choreographers and offer my help to them should they need it. I believe that given my current experience in these fields, I can work harmoniously with choreographers and directors in producing another phenomenal MNight.


I am a team worker. Aware of the responsibility as Vice-President is to produce MNight, I am ready to take up the challenge and work alongside all my peers to bring to life another spectacular show next year. As producer, I would have to be the bridge between all other MNight departments (props, stage managers, music, ticketing & ushering team, acting, dancing, singing & dikir) which I believe is something I can accomplish. My friends would know that I seldom put my needs before anyone else’s and that their welfare is at my utmost concern. It might seem a little foolish, but that’s just me, and I believe this trait of mine will spearhead MNight to greater heights, as if it isn’t already high enough! I always take everyone’s opinion into consideration and accept them or turn them down ever so politely so as not to dishearten them.


What I aim to achieve if elected as VP:


  1. Bring together another, if not better, spectacular MNight performance


  • By looking first for choreographers for each type of dance amongst my friends.
  • If possible, I would love to bring back Tarian Rakyat (for what is MNight without something so Malaysian?).
  • Finding committed vocal and music directors as these are the background elements that make MNight this amazing!
  • Work tirelessly with the acting directors throughout the summer to produce another mind-blowing, plot-twisting, exciting story.



  1. Improving and making MNight a better experience for both committees and members


  • The Malay proverb “sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit” metaphorically says that little by little, small grains of sand may merge and grow into a huge mountain. Likewise, with work, if you do a little bit day by day, you’ll achieve your target very soon. I would like to rid ourselves of unnecessary stress when we return in October, and hence the Summer holidays should be fully utilised and used for choreographies and planning. I would hope to make sure all choreographies for dances are at least 50% completed before returning in October. This is an ambitious target to achieve but should we succeed, it will greatly boost our morale.
  • Securing more great hall practices. This can be done by early planning and booking of rooms for next year’s practice schedules.


Do note that I am in no way criticizing the current committee on how MNight was carried out this year, but merely, I am pointing out areas at which I wish to improve upon.


  1. Assist the President at his/her duties in running the society


  • The Malaysian Society in Imperial College London is huge and requires tremendous effort to run.
  • I am ready to be the president’s right hand man and to support him/her be it in corporate liaison activities or in event organisations.
  • I am good at supportive work and have faith I will be able to work well with the President towards a common goal.



Past Experiences

I was previously the president for the Boy’s Brigade Company at my high school and was president of the Christian Fellowship in another year. I was required to be the figurehead that members look to and at the same time execute orders from teachers. Addition to that, I was the captain of my high school’s basketball team and I had a good time enjoying the company of teammates, striving and working hard together towards the same common achievement. I believe these has equipped me with the ability to be an inspiring leader.