Lai Vy Wien

Name: Lai Vy Wien

Course: Medical Biosciences

Proposer: Nurin Abdul Aziz (2nd year Biomedical Science)

Seconder: Rou Jing Tan (2nd year Chemical Engineering)

Post: Vice President

Run-Down Position: None


Stepping foot into what seems like a foreign and daunting world of university life, it’s easy to
feel lost and alone at times. Although it’s been my third year away from home, it doesn’t
make it any simpler being in an unfamiliar place. I thought that starting anew would be
somewhat challenging, but MSoc sure has proved me otherwise. From my first time meeting
everyone during Fresher’s Dinner to where we are now, I came to realise that MSoc isn’t
merely a society just filled with Malaysians, it’s a place where I genuinely feel a sense of
belonging. As hectic as all the workload can get, I always found myself looking forward to
MNight practices. Acting and dancing is something I pour my heart and soul into, and I enjoy
every single moment of it. I’ve also met some of the most amazing and talented people
along the way. I can confidently say that signing up and auditioning for MNight was the best
decision I’ve made since coming here.


As Vice President, it’s my goal to
– Support the President of ICUMS in his/her duties
– Represent ICUMS in UKEC in a good light, alongside the President
– Care for the general well-being of the members of ICUMS
– Ensure that next year’s freshers feel included within our community


As Producer, it’s my vision to
Make Imperial College Malaysian Night 2019 the talk of the town
– Book the Great Hall as soon as possible and inform UKEC of Imperial’s MNight date
– Include a traditional Chinese fan dance. In the recent MNights, Bollywood and Tarian
Rakyat have been showcased but there hasn’t been a dance which truly highlights
Chinese culture.
– Assist with script writing to create a storyline with a simple yet unique plot. Imperial
MNight is known to have heavy plot twists, so it’s about time to vary things up.
– Incorporate smoother and swifter prop transitions. Props should look more realistic,
so the stage set up is minimalistic yet conveys the mood of the scene.
– Book practice rooms earlier to ensure that rehearsal space should never be an issue.
– Ensure sufficient number of full runs at the Great Hall before MNight. As crucial as it
is to run every acting scene, dance and song perfectly in respective practice rooms,
it’s also extremely vital for all cast and crew to know how the production will flow as a
whole. Only then will the production run smoothly.
– Have an earlier Act 1 screening date. This is to ensure that appropriate changes can
be made to the script earlier on. Act 2 scripts can hopefully be handed to all cast
during the Christmas holidays, making memorising lines less stressful during Term 2.
– Enlist passionate performers, dancers and musicians as Dikir and dance
choreographers, and music team leaders respectively.
– Keep up the standards of marketing and videography. Include more creative
marketing techniques as this has shown to grasp the audience’s attention, leading to
quicker ticket sales.
– Be up to date on all the different areas of the production e.g. Dikir barat, acting,
dance, vocals and music, marketing, props and backstage. This will be useful to
draw a rough idea of how the show will piece together.
– Keep the morale high during MNight season. After all, you can only perform your
best if you’re willing to put your all into it.


Experiences & Qualifications
– Head Girl of International School @ Parkcity in Kuala Lumpur
– Props team of Wizard of Oz play
– A* in A-level Art &Design exam piece
– Lead pianist for music band in Jungle Book production
– A* in iGCSE Music
– Singer, dancer and background actress for Hairspray musical
– Choreographer of Chinese traditional dance for 2 consecutive years
– Performer of the year award for annual dance show in The Leys boarding school
– Lead actress in Imperial’s MNight 2018 – Noir


I understand that the role of Vice President comes with heavy responsibilities. As
fundamental as it is to be organised and resilient, MNight isn’t one-man show. Dedication
from the cast and crew is what will really make a difference. Hence, I comprehend the
importance to stay positive and be able to motivate my team at times of unavoidable
downfall. Having had experience in many different aspects of performing arts, I also hope to
contribute my ideas and skills to put on a captivating show. But at the end of the day, MNight
is about the journey and the unforgettable memories you make along the way, and that’s
what I truly want for everyone.