Lee Ting An

Name: Lee Ting An

Course: 1st Year Biotechnology

Proposer: Loke Weng Mun (2nd year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Bianca Khor Min Jia (1st year Biotechnology)

Post: Welfare Officer

Run-Down Position: None


An overwhelming part of my life here at Imperial- the friends I talk to everyday, the clubs I
joined, the activities I participate in- consists of MSoc, and that is probably responsible for
the immense fun and sense of purpose I’ve had despite the demanding workload of
university. In running for this position, I hope to give back to this community all that it has
given to me.
The following points outline some roles of the welfare officer, and how I aspire to fill them:

In charge of Freshers’ Dinner and Freshers’ Camp
Freshers dinner and freshers camp was where I met the friends who have since become
my family, and it is my hope that the next intake of freshers will do the same. In organising
the camp, I propose slight changes to scheduling of activities (eg. sponsor talks, club
introductions, etc.) in order to not wear them out on the first day, and if budget permits, a
different location with slightly better facilities. In order to accommodate the increased cost
of a higher quality venue, the price could be increased slightly, and some provided meals
could be removed to instead allow them to go out and purchase food in their own groups
(providing another small bonding experience).
I also propose the idea of organising similar events for East Malaysians who want to meet
their fellows but are unable or too inconvenienced to come over. Smaller scale events
such as their own fresher’s dinner or an outing could help them as their first point of
contact with the MSoc family.

In charge of setting up Buddy Family System & monitoring progress
I have never once felt out of place here, and my buddy family definitely played a part in
that sense of belonging. As welfare officer I would make it a high priority to carry on this
tradition. However, it is clear that due to the busy lifestyle constraints of Imperial,
coinciding free time is hard to come by. In order to further incentivise family meet-ups, I
propose spending a small amount of budget to buy board/card games and distributing one
to each family. Every month or so (depending on the no. of families), the games would be
rotated, thus motivating the family to meet up in order to try the new game. Examples of
board games are Catan or Ticket to Ride, which range from 20-30 pounds depending on
expansion packs, while simpler card games like Cards Against Humanity, Coup, Werewolf,
or Avalon can be as cheap as 10 pounds.

Write or update the information provided in the Freshers’ Handbook, Housing Guide
and Visa Guide
The fresher’s handbook would be updated with necessary information- any changes to
student visa application, or guidelines for halls of residence would be corrected.

In charge of maintaining the ICUMS Flat Exchange Group
The ICUMS Flat Exchange Group is extremely useful for freshers and seniors alike.
However, its great utility is closely linked to the number of people subscribed to it, and as it
currently is it has yet to recognise its full potential. I propose further publicising and
promoting of this group to the entire cohort, especially third year seniors or above who are
least involved and least likely to hear of it.

In addition, I hope to work with the future events officer to organise a clubbing event that
will rival any other university’s in calibre. Whether to streamline someones foray into their
first clubbing event or help experienced veterans meet the similarly inclined, it is
something that while not necessary is definitely beneficial to the well being of the freshers.
Over my tenures as head of several clubs and societies throughout my high school and
college life (head of house, president of Interact, editor of Beacon, Jog for Hope marathon,
etc.) I have gathered many valuable experiences and soft skills, and consider myself
relatively adept at organising various events. While freshers camp and dinner may be
challenging, having done similar projects on an equal or larger scale, I am confident in my
abilities to see them through.
Additionally, as a first point of contact for freshers to provide support and advice to ICUMS
members, I have always tried to be friendly, and it is my hopes that others see me as such.
In terms of my personal life, I have had to give counsel to friends in need, including those
who suffered mental health issues such as depression. These experiences have hopefully
moulded me into someone who is capable of advising or guiding those who are lost in their
new home.