Lee XinYee

Name: Lee XinYee

Course: 1 st Year Physics

Proposer: Jing-Yuan Wie (1 st Year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Ray Son Ng (2 nd Year Bioengineering)

Post: Events Officer

Run-Down Position: Welfare Officer


The Imperial life is stressful, and I believe that most of us can agree on this. Academic and
professional progressions are the main focuses of being in university. However, a balance of
work and leisure is a must. For many of us, we look forward to the many ICUMS outings to
spend time and destress with our fellow Malaysians. As someone who enjoys what London
has to offer, I would like to help other Malaysians who are not as familiar with the city to be
able to experience it at its fullest.
So, why me?
Planning events has always been fun for me. I find pleasure in working with people to
manage events and make new connections. In both Sri KDU and KTJ, I was involved in
multiple student bodies and held positions in several of them. These positions include:
student prefect for 3 years; chairman of KDU’s Prom Committee; founder of KTJ’s
cheerleading team; and secretary of KTJ’s Sixth Form Committee. I believe that they have
given me the soft skills and experiences needed to turn my plans into a reality. I learnt from
working with my peers that respectful communication will always lead to more efficient and
fruitful meetings. My experiences have also taught me that having an early start is always

My objectives as an Events Officer would be:
To listen.
Any plans voiced out or suggested by any of the members will be thoroughly considered
before any actions are taken. All suggestions are valuable and will be viewed equally – to
ensure that any activities planned out are things that the members will enjoy. After all, these
outings are ultimately not about me, but about the members. With the help of my partner, I
will ensure that any events that are being planned are feasible and realistic. Only once an
event has been fully thought out and deemed to be good enough will it be executed.
To connect.
Being on the other side of London means that it is harder to connect with the students on the
other end. ICUMS is all about connecting Malaysians so I believe that we should have more
joint events with the other universities – after all we share the same culture. I will coordinate
with the other universities to create social gatherings to allow more interactions between the
students and maintain good relationships with them.
To execute.

I believe in planning events ahead of time. This would enable me to meet the deadlines and
minimise any hiccups faced during the event itself. I believe that to ensure that every
member of ICUMS has an equal opportunity to participate in events, there should be a
reasonably consistent and frequent schedule of events. To the best of my capabilities, I want
everyone to have a chance to be a part of the ICUMS family.

For the next year, I wish to work closely with the entire committee to expand what the society
can bring to the existing members as well as the freshers coming in next year. Ultimately,
one of my goals would be to work with the next welfare officer to bring back the ICUMS
Clubbing event.
Possible future events:
– Camping/hiking for a daytrip or an overnight trip at places such as the Peak District in
– After parties for large events like cultural dinners where we can go clubbing, karaoke or
whatever is suggested by the members
– Longer trips like the winter ski trip but perhaps during Easter break when it’s Spring time
(depends on demand, because it is study season after all)
– Joint Gala Dinner with other universities to promote interaction and allow people to dress