Lim Jia Yong

Name: Lim Jia Yong

Course: 1st Year MEng Civil Engineering

Proposer: Tung Su Cheng (2 nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Rachel Tan Wei Swin (2 nd Year Biomedical Engineering)

Post: President

Run-Down Position: None


If home is where the heart lies, I believe my home, in the UK, is ICUMS. Yes, it has
only been almost 6 months, but no, I am not exaggerating. Throughout this period, I
have met amazing and incredible people, they are either extremely smart or
outstanding in an organisation or simply very caring and loving. Little did they know, I
have been influenced by them in a positive way. They are the people I look up to as
my role models. When I was looking for a direction, they guided me; when I was
stressed out and standing at the cliff of my sanity, they treated me with curly fries
and a nice chat. They turned my gloomy days into brighter days, and my brighter
days into some of my brightest days. I know that these people will be the ones I’ll
always be grateful to have in my life. Knowing that this is the influence that I can
possibly bring to the next generation, I am more than willing to take up this position. I
aspire to create a home away from home for the upcoming Malaysians in Imperial. It
took me ages to decide that this is the best way for me to contribute back to this
huge family after receiving all the support and care from my peers and seniors and I
will definitely do everything possible to ensure every member has the sense of
belonging to this family.

Members in ICUMS come from different age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds.
My main objective would be making sure everyone in this family knows one another
and respects each and everyone’s culture. Through embracing the difference in
everyone and creating an inclusive environment, only then ICUMS can continue to
grow as a dynamic student community. The ICUMS I want to shape into is a
community where members are able to have fun or memorable conversations
whenever they meet each other. Some of the freshers don’t know about their seniors
which poses a problem when they have to seek advice regarding academic issues or
renting a private accommodation. I will support low-budget events such as board
games which could allow the interaction between all years of Malaysians. This type
event wouldn’t take up much time and our members can relax from their busy
schedule in Imperial.

Since a young age, we have been taught to be collaborative and adaptive to other
cultures when working with peers in Malaysia as we come from various
backgrounds. I believe this is something we should keep learning as this is one of
the most interesting and valuable characteristics of a Malaysian. I plan to collaborate
with other Malaysian Societies to organise events which allow our members to
engage with other Malaysians in different universities. For instance I plan to organise
an event whereby Malaysians from different universities group together to help out

local charity to raise funds and give back to the community. This will not merely
increase the network opportunities for our members, we are also able to increase the
exposure of our members. Sponsorship wise, since we have recently increased our
number of sponsors by almost a half, I would work closely with the External Liaison
Officer to maintain our current sponsors and try to convince them to increase their
tier of sponsorship. This can be done by showing them their funding are well spent
for the welfare of ICUMS members and updating them about what our members
have achieved throughout the year. If we are able to secure more funding, I will
allocate extra amount of funding to the development and welfare of our members.
This includes accommodating more members for certain events such as Chinese
New Year Dinner. If possible, the surplus obtained through more efficient cost
management will be allocated to our flagship event, Malaysian Night. In terms of
affiliations, I would be looking forward to maintain our affiliations between iCUBE and
ICMS as well as our alumni of Imperial College London. This would be highly
beneficial for our members to develop themselves professionally and also gaining
insights from our alumni in deciding their career.
I couldn’t possibly describe my gratitude towards the opportunities and relationships I
have been given by ICUMS. This is why I can assure you that you can expect me to
give everything I have to ensure the well-being of this huge family. I am aware that
there will be hard times and tough decisions, but then I have ICUMS as my support,
what should I be afraid of?