Lim Wen Hau

Name: Lim Wen Hau 

Course: 1st Year Biomedical Engineering

Proposer: Edward Lim (2nd Year Mechanical)

Seconder: Kee Yan Kai (2nd Year Material Science) 

Run-down Position: None


I’ve been involved in Imperial’s badminton second team and have been to numerous tournaments within and outside of college. These experiences gave me some exposure on how to manage competitions and organise events.


The reason I chose to run for Sports Secretary is that I want to make events to be more exciting for all the students studying here in Imperial and to also bridge the gap between seniors and freshers. I feel that strong friendships can be forged as it provides opportunities for members to interact while having fun at the same time. This is somehow similar to M’Night as it brings all of us together, but instead we are able to continue this throughout the year, to be able to stay in touch with all our friends, to be able to connect, to be able to feel like home.
Why you should vote for me:


  1. Making sports more accessible and fun for everyone regardless of any skill group.
    – The main reason that is refraining students from joining our weekly sports session is that they are too intimidated by better players who are already established in that sport. What came out as an idea from our fellow seniors and freshers turn out to be a very fun session where students from both years were able to bond. This group of football enthusiast , “ Hyde Park F.C.” played football with players of different skill groups and genders in Hyde Park for FREE!!! This can be implemented to other non-court related sports as well like captain ball, frisbee, etc.
  2. Organising interesting events.
    – I feel that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to just normal sports. I feel that more intense sports like paint balling can also be organised.
    – Organise more friendlies with other universities around London for all kinds of sports. This is not just to prep our athletes for the upcoming Sports Games, but to foster the relationships between Malaysian students studying in the U.K.
    e-Sports/ gaming competitions can also be held given that there is enough players to join.
  3. Making sure that the weekly sports session is not interrupted.
    – Our weekly sports session will of course be continued and I will try my best accommodate everyones availability by making sure that it does not clash with any other societies under MSoc.

I feel that the current sports officer has done a great job, but I believe that under his guidance and with my ideas, I can take it up a notch and bring it to the next level. Like Karlson said “There is no perfect, but only better”.