Low Yee Hong

Name: Low Yee Hong

Course: 1st Year Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Proposer: Kuan Tzuo Wei It (3rd Year Aeronautics Engineering)

Seconder: Edward Lim Yik Ming (2st Year Mechanical Engineering)

Post: Communication Secretary

Run-Down Position: None


“Treat people how you want to be treated”, or rather “give whatever you wish to receive”, has always been my life principle. I have had a spectacular first year here in Imperial College and for that I too wish to give all the members of ICUMS the time of their life studying here. So what better way to do that than by doing something I love?

I am a photography enthusiast. I specialise in landscape and event photography. I have had at least 3 years of experience in event photography and I have taken photos for at least 50 events since. The events I have photographed range from indoor events, like balls and talks, to outdoor events, like camps and sports competitions. I was the photographer for Sunway A-Levels and I have also taken photos for some events held by ICUMS in the last few months: the ICUMS Secret Santa and Deepavali Dinner. So as the communications secretary, I will ensure that the members will always have photos and videos of the highest quality to look forward to after every event because you know what they say: “The moments won’t last forever, but arrays of digitised pixels stored as binary bits potentially could”.

I am in the marketing team of iCUBE where I have learnt a lot about producing marketing materials. I have been involved in creating marketing materials like posters, banners and covering photos for events held by iCUBE in the past few months. I believe that by being the communication secretary, I will be able utilise those skills for the benefit of the society and of the members.

I have also been working alongside Clive, the current communication secretary of ICUMS, on various projects for both ICUMS and iCUBE. Through that I believe I have familiarised myself with the job scope of the communication secretary. In other words, I know what to expect if I were to be elected and more importantly, how to prepare myself to be the next communication secretary. I am also extremely tech-savvy and love working with techy gadgets such as cameras and PA systems.

Something I look forward to is managing the social media of ICUMS. I love coding, which can be very helpful when it comes to managing the society’s website and since I’ve done an internship which focuses on programming before I started studying at Imperial, I have reached some level of proficiency with this skill. I am also proficient in using photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop which I can use to produce marketing materials for the society.

I have taken part in various student bodies and organisations, namely the prefectorial board and Sunway College student ambassadors just to name a few, hence I feel confident working in a team. I have always seen myself as a team player, always trying to work with the other members to achieve our goal. After working with so many different groups of people, I have also learnt how to communicate well with any team so I think I will be able to perform well working with the other committee members of ICUMS, regardless of the task.

As a communication secretary, I aim to:

  1.       Increase the marketing power of ICUMS by producing high quality marketing materials such as posters, videos and so on.
  2.       Utilise the current social media networks to their fullest potential to promote ICUMS and the events held by ICUMS.
  3.       Increase the participation rate of the members to events held by ICUMS to strengthen the relationship and bond among the members by producing attractive marketing materials.
  4.       Set up a platform where seniors can upload academic materials to help the juniors with their studies.
  5.       Make sure all the moments experienced by the members during events held by ICUMS are documented in pictures and videos of the highest quality.

In conclusion, with the skill set that I have, I believe I have what it takes to be the next communication secretary and will be able to add value to the society.