Malaysian Nights

Malaysian Night is the annual flagship event of the society. Over the years, our Malaysian Night has gained the reputation as being one of the best student productions among all overseas student organizations in the university and across United Kingdom. Held over two nights in February in the 600-seat capacity Imperial College Great Hall, the entire production involves more than 100 members of the society, drawing an audience of students from universities all around the United Kingdom.

As the quality of our production increases with time, we have also begun to receive more recognition and attention for this annual event. For 2011, we were filmed and showcased by Imperial College’s Stoic TV in addition to being featured in The Star newspaper in Malaysia. Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Malaysia’s Minister of Women, Family and Community Development also attended as our guest of honor.

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Maya Poster 1 Malaysian Night 2016: Maya

Sam is an ordinary university student, struggling to cope with the challenges of his humble life while vying for the attention of the girl he loves. Samuel, on the other hand, is a young successful phone app developer. Whilst living an extravagant life of a tech celebrity, he is plagued by strange dreams of unknown people. Unbeknownst to Sam and Samuel, their paths are destined to intertwine, and the two must discover a terrible truth in order to unite against a common and impending danger. Can they prevent the spread of an evil, the likes of which the world has never seen?

2015 MaskedMalaysian Night 2015: Masked

Blank. Faceless. Nameless. For ten years, the slaves of a tyrannical and corrupt mining company have been stripped of all purpose, their identities masked and buried. Two brothers risk everything and ignite a revolution to end this ruthless oppression that has caused countless families to be torn apart. Loyalties are tested, secrets unravelled, and identities masked and unmasked. Will their efforts ultimately end the totalitarian regime, or result in more suffering?

2014 CheckmateMalaysian Night 2014: Checkmate

Two princes set out to end a decade long war that plagues their country. One believes in the sword; the other, the pen. When an offer for a peace treaty comes unexpectedly from the opposing country, ideals are brought to the test. Conspiracies, like strategies on a chessboard, unfold; and people, like pawns, killed. Who will make the final move?

2013 The PlanMalaysian Night 2013: The Plan

It has been said that failure to plan is planning to fail.
Yet, not all plans always turn out successful.
A politician with a plan for political reign.
His minions, with plans for monetary gain.
A young woman with a plan to get even.
A young man, with a plan which becomes a burden.
A man, betrayed and ruined.
Find out how their lives intertwine as their plans unfold.

2012 The Life of DeathMalaysian Night 2012: The Life of Death

For years, KL has remained in a state of idyllic peace; but now, a series of brutal murders shakes the town to its very core. Going by the name of “The Heartbreaker”, he lurks in the shadows, preys on the hearts of happy couples and leaves nothing but a heart-suited card behind. Continuing on his spree, the faceless serial killer eludes and confounds the local police force to no end as he counts down from the King of Hearts to the Ace. Danger creeps ever closer as one by one they fall.

It is one hard-headed man’s mission to stop the killer once and for all – the head of the police force, Sarge. Bringing the Heartbreaker to justice is the one war this army man has yet to win. Unfortunately his mismatched team of police officers don’t really help matters. 3 cops – one over-eager, the other a cringe-inducing sleaze and last but the very least, a bona fide loser. Will KL’s ‘Finest’ ever hunt down the man behind the cards? Will they ever be able to stop him before the final card is revealed?

2010 Hero wanted Malaysian Night 2011: Hero Wanted

KL Land, the epitome of prosperity, peace and order – 10 years ago. Its streets now run rife with corruption, debauchery and substance abuse. As the city’s twilight hour approaches, its citizens cry out desperately for a saviour.

The city’s last hope lies on the drooping, wrinkly shoulders of The Captain. Once KL land’s best (and only) superhero, he remains but a shade of his former self, indulgind in alcoholism and heavy drug abuse to escape the guilt and shade of his fall from grace. Desperate to recapture his former glory and feed his drug habits, he sets out to train the city’s next generation superheros.

But the evil is lurking deep within the city. Far from prying eyes, there is an underground war being fought. Rita Ringgit, the drug world’s very own prima donna, and her illegal operations are being targeted  by Dato, a politician with sinister motives and an even more sinister laugh.





2010 Born To Be Vile Malaysian Night 2010: Born to be Vile

At its heart this is a human story about love and hate, about revenge, about Malaysian culture, and about how life is all about different points of view.

Meet Bruce Weng, Malaysia’s biggest timber tycoon. He’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year (and also FHM’s Sexiest Man of 2010). Then one night his house is blown up and his life comes crashing down. He’s convinced this is the work of his former business partners: Donald Tiram, Malaysia’s biggest oyster sauce manufacturer, Datin Hillary Kelentong, and Bill Backgates, CEO of the MicroHard Corporation. But who’s the good guy in this story? Throw in an obsessive police detective, some bumbling sidekicks, and the stage is set for an epic story of good and evil.

Are people born evil? Or do they grow evil? Come find out in BORN TO BE VILE.

Malaysian Night 2009 : Diamonds

Malaysian Night 2008 : Kawan
Malaysian Night 2007 : A Silent Cacophony
Malaysian Night 2006 : The Writings on the Wall
Malaysian Night 2005 : Bunga Raya’s Coconuts
Malaysian Night 2004 : Art of Wok
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Malaysian Night 2002 : Face to Face
Malaysian Night 2001 : Vow