Marissa Adila Husin

Name: Marissa Adila Husin

Course: Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Diyanah Kamarul Azman (2 nd Year Materials Science)

Seconder: Vanessa Tan (2 nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Post: Vice President

Run-Down Position: None

ICUMS is a society I hold close to my heart. When I first started university and felt out of
place, this society helped to get me back on my feet. I look at it as a community that
continuously gives support in all areas including academic and welfare as well as reminds us
of the Malaysian culture that gives an essence of home. For a society that I look up to, I have
made it my goal to contribute as much as I can by being an active member. However, I
believe I will be able to contribute much more by being the Vice President of ICUMS.

As Vice-President, I will:
– Continue the spirit of Malaysian Society to further inspire current and future
Through various activities organised by MSoc, MNight for example, various bonds have been
strengthened and potentials have been unleashed through constant encouragement by
producers, directors and choreographers. This year I was greatly encouraged, next year I will
be the one to encourage.

– Assist the President in all areas of work
The job of a president comes with a heavy workload and I will make sure that I will work
alongside him/her the best I can to ease the burden in achieving his/her goals and vision for
the society.

– Make full use of my previous experiences as I take the role of MNight Producer
Throughout the years, I have been actively involved in stage productions. In high school I
was a dancer for my school play. Moving on to college, I had taken the roles of a
choreographer, props team and due to my position as house vice-captain, I had worked
closely with the director of my house in a stage production competition we had in college.

Being one of the main actresses of Imperial’s MNight had also given me the opportunity to
work with different teams and understand the responsibilities that each team carries. All
lessons and pointers I have gained will provide guidance as I take up the challenge of being
Producer of MNight. I understand that being a producer is no easy task, but it is a challenge
I’m willing to take for something I truly love. As producer, I will

– Ensure a great communication between each division
A story begins from the minds of the directors however contributions from each division will
bring their ideas to life. Great communication through occasional meetings will ensure that
everyone is on the same page with the vision of the directors. I would also propose for the
heads of props team to be present during certain acting run throughs for them to get a clearer
idea of suitable props and their placings.

– Minimise overlapping in scheduling
A lot of people are involved in more than one division and in certain occasions, overlapping
of practices may occur. I propose for a single spreadsheet containing date, time and location
of practices which will be filled up by directors, choreographers and head of departments to
be made to give a clearer idea on ongoing and upcoming practices to all members.

– Work on video compilation
Personal progress can be tracked through videos recorded during practices. Although this
effort is already ongoing by some teams, as producer I will encourage all acting and dance
teams to record a video by the end of each practice session and upload it on the team’s google
drive where all members from respective teams can gain access. This effort will also aid in
ensuring that all teams are progressing steadily and thus preventing any division from falling
behind schedule.

As Vice-President and MNight Producer, I will work hard towards continuing the legacy of
producing a spectacular MNight that each member will be proud of and ensuring ICUMS
brings countless opportunities and memories to the members of the society as their well-
being will be of utmost importance.