MNight 2017 Taster Session & Audition

As we have mentioned today, this post contains all the information you need which would become the very first tile laid upon this path that will take you onto an experience of a lifetime. This Wednesday (12th October) afternoon we shall be having Mnight auditions and taster sessions!


Taster sessions

These sessions are organized as a chill and fun-filled session, all to give you guys a feel of how is it to be part of the dikir or dancing team. Whether you want to witness how teamwork can turn simple moves into an overwhelming performance, or you want to put on your dancing shoes, come over to Activity Space 1 and join us at the times below:

Dikir 1300-1500
Contemporary 1500-1600
Bollywood 1600-1700
Hip Hop 1700-1800


And while all the taster sessions are going on, the acting and vocal auditions shall happen alongside as well! Each audition session is about 10-15 minutes, and how it works is while you are dancing your heart away in the taster sessions, we will call you over to the next room(Activity Space 2) when your turn is up!

Also with this post is the character profile of Mnight 2017! Do check it out to see which unique character you wish to audition for. Everyone is limited to a maximum choice of 3 characters to audition for, and also take note that some of the characters are not gender specific. Whether you want to enhance your acting skills, or that you want to try something new, just come for auditions! Even if you have zero prior experience in acting, what’s most important to us is your passion and your eagerness of tackling new things! Who knows, maybe acting has all along been your hidden talent. 😉

If singing is your thing, well join the singing auditions as well! We welcome people with voices from all vocal ranges, with or without any prior performance experience. So guys and girls, don’t feel shy to come! Because our experienced vocal directors, who are as friendly as friendly can be, will guide you along the way and prepare you for the main stage. 😊

If you’re wondering about music auditions, that’s happening coming Saturday(15th October) from 0930-1230 at Blyth music centre! And again, we’d like to emphasize that we welcome all musical talents; cello, piano, drums, guitar, you name it. The music team is one of the best platform for you to exercise your musical talents alongside your fellow freshers and friendly seniors through practice, jamming sessions, and potentially performance as well! And if you need help getting your musical instruments(like how do you even bring a piano), let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements!

Right after this paragraph would be the link to the All-in-one Mnight auditions sign up form! Remember to specify in the form your preferred timing, so that we can organise the schedule to best suite everyone! Once again, don’t be afraid to give new things a try and pull your friends along for auditions! The seniors are some of the nicest people you can meet, so don’t worry if you are nervous for auditions, because getting you to overcome your stage fright is part of our job. 😉 Lastly, we look forward to seeing all your fresh faces on Wednesday!

Sign up here to become a future superstar! Also, check out the character profile!

For any enquiries, please contact:
Dahui’s email:
Phone no.: +44783828614