Ng Ze Weng

Name: Ng Ze Weng

Course: 1st Year Materials Science and Engineering

Proposer: Bryan Beh (2nd Year Geophysics)

Seconder: Lim Wen Hau (2nd Year Biomedical Engineering)

Post: External Liaison Officer

Run-Down Position: None


ICUMS has given me a family that I can turn to through thick and thin. Through Msoc, I have met some amazing people during my short time here who have help me settle in this unfamiliar city 7000 miles away from home. As the current committee steps down after their tenure, I want to continue to provide the support and care they have given us to the next batch of students.

As external liaison officer, there are visions that I would like to propose to our current students

  • Promote the spirit of giving back amongst Imperial alumni
  • Reinforce the relationship between us and our Platinum sponsor
  • Enhance relationship with Malaysian societies across the UK



Sponsorships plays a vital role especially in a student organization and I believe it is essential that we maintain good relationship with our sponsors. Looking at the current number of sponsors that we have, there should be sufficient funds to sustain the society. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with our sponsors should be the main priority.

Traditionally, Astro has been known as a media company bringing the best entertainment to our household back in Malaysia, but they actually offer a wide range of opportunities. Hence, I would like to propose a month-long business challenge especially for our Platinum sponsor (Astro) where Msoc members and Astro can both benefit. The structure of the challenge will be as follow:

  1. 5 key industrial challenges proposed by Astro.
  2. Teams of 2-5 (open to other msocs) come up with a rough solution (200 words max paragraph) to the problem in 1 week. It can be a business model or a solution that can be implemented within Astro itself.
  3. A mentor from Astro will be assigned to the teams that Astro decides to take up, and the teams will work closely with their assigned mentors during the month-long period to come up with a full business model/detailed plan on how the solution will tackle the problem. Astro will then provide them with real data and statistics from their own database so that the solution can be directly
  4. The event will ideally start one month before Astro flies in to UK for the final pitching day.

A competition such as this will not only benefit Msoc members by allowing them to work with a mentor but also strengthen our relationship with other Msocs across the UK under the sponsorship of Astro through constant communication. Hence achieving two objectives within a single event.


Promoting the spirit of giving back amongst ICUMS alumni:

A wise man once said, ‘Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor’.

I believe that we should strengthen our partnership with the current alumni because they have so much to offer in terms of life and industrial experience. Upon discovery of the Imperial fellowship initiative I wish to propose a few changes to the existing current structure to the program.

  1. Currently there exist a 100-word essay that might put people from signing up. I would like to remove this and only require a CV and interview with an interested company to sign up
  2. I would like to reach out to more Imperial alumni working in mainstream industries to allow a fast-track program especially for Msoc members. A newly elected alumni external liaison officer has been elected that envisions a better bond between the alumni and current Imperial students too therefore we could build connections from there.

Why me?

I have been working as a Corporate Liaison at iCUBE for the past 5 months and my experience there will give me a good idea on the ins and outs of my roles as external liaison officer of ICUMS.

During my time there, I’ve learnt a lot from our directors, president and founding chairman. From drafting emails to pitching, they have guided me along the way and I would now like to use the skills I gained to give back to ICUMS.

I’ve also had a good deal of experience managing my own time having stayed at a boarding school since I was 13 therefore I will be able to balance my academics with my work as the external liaison officer. I’m sure with the help of my committee, we will be able to achieve great things here at ICUMS.