Amarandaas Kaluvan

Full Name: Amarandaas Kaluvan

Course: MEng Aeronautical Engineering, 1st Year

Post: President

Proposer (Name and Course and Year): Aaron Singh, Medicine, Final Year

Seconder (Name and Course and Year): Lee Wen Yao, Aeronautical Engineering, 3rd Year

Choice of alternative run-down posts: Vice-President, Committee Member


Some might ask, in fact many will ask, “Why President?” Imperial College’s Malaysian Society (MSoc in short) is an ever so awesome society. You know it, I know it, and we all know it. MSoc has served us or more precisely, me well from the very beginning of Fresher’s Camp back in Malaysia up till this moment. The society helped me settle down in a new environment and showed me home away from home. Undoubtedly, I have formed somewhat an attachment to the society and the people in it. Seeing the work and effort the current committee had put into MSoc, I felt the burning desire to be a part of it and serve the society. However, that still doesn’t answer the question; “Why President?” isn’t it? Here’s why; I chose to run for presidency because I believe I possess the qualities and attributes that a president should have.

DETERMINATION. COMMITMENT. RISK-TAKING. REFLECTIVE. PRINCIPLED. These are the attributes that lays out the path of my presidential campaign and it is these attributes that I have to offer to the society as the President. I garnered these attributes throughout the course of serving as Assistant Treasurer in my college’s Student Council when I was doing International Baccalaureate (IB). At the same time, I was also the Finance Manager of a mock company formed under the umbrella of the Business and Entrepreneurship Club. Suffice to say that, while serving in both posts, I have been given the lead to organize events and manage people. Having studied Business & Management Studies for 2 years in IB, I could see the prospects of managing the society with the various management concepts I acquired.

Being the President of MSoc is no part-time job. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s inspiring. It requires a lot of dedication and time and I am determined to take on this job as I am competent enough to manage time and people well. People say that you will never work a day in your life if you have passion and interest in your job. I believe I will feel the same way as the President of this society. The path and success of MSoc does not lie on the shoulders of the committee alone, but on the members as well as a whole. With my leadership attributes, I shall bring most of the members, if not all to unity in strive to make this society an even awesome one.

Malaysian Night (MNight) certainly is THE event of the year. No words could describe my experience and feelings from MNight. Legendary and awesome would still be an understatement. MNight is such a large scale event that it requires a painful amount of crew, effort, time, teamwork and passion, but yet a really worthwhile one. A good way of encouraging more volunteers to be involved in MNight is by means of showing our passion and awesome experience to the new members. However, there’s more to MSoc than just MNight and I believe our society can be more outward-looking. My aims for MSoc are the following:

  • Liaison with other international societies (CSSA, Japanese Society, Brunei Society, Thai Society etc.)
  • Liaison with corporate organizations, NGO’s etc (Companies looking to recruit graduates)
  • Conjoined event with other Malaysian Societies around London (Malaysian Fair on a larger scale)
  • Day/weekend trips around London/UK
  • Summer break in Malaysia
  • Regular informal social session (BBQ, potluck etc)
  • Events involving 3rd/4th years (Early in the term before work & deadlines pile up)

As an end to my presidential manifesto, it has been an honour for me to be part of MSoc and MNight and it truly would be an honour for me again to be given the chance to lead this society and its members for the upcoming year. Living life with no regrets would be an ideal one for me, and I certainly have none at all to be a part of MSoc and MNight. I am no man who make promises they cannot keep, but what I can promise to the society and its members is my attributes; determination, commitment, risk-taking, reflective and principled regardless of being in the committee or not. Thus, vote for me and I’ll show you what I have to offer to this society! I quote, “Realize your true potentials as you’re not lacking strength but will” With my passion, spirit and will, I shall lead and inspire the members, exploring their potentials to yet another awesome year! Vote for Daas!