Chua Ray-Men

Chua Ray-Men

Course: 1st Year Mathematics, Optimisation and Statistics

Post: President

Proposed by Siew Meng Kit, 3rd Year Electric and Electronic Engineering

Seconded by Norzafirah Azizan, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

The Malaysian Society (MSoc) has been the highlight of my first year in Imperial. She has provided a friendly environment in which many of us, including I, have turned to for laughter and comfort. For the past 6 months, I have looked forward to MSoc events, gaining new experiences and building strong relationships along the way. With this in mind, I would love to give back and add to the strong, proud lineage of the society by providing the same, if not, better experience to the freshers next year while meeting the objectives and expectations of the society.

As a cog of MSoc and MNight, I realize that there is more to the society than meets the eye. Co-operation and communication between the individuals of the committee is vital and I believe that I possess the organizational and leadership qualities that are necessary to lead this team and glue them together to work cohesively as a unit.

I have had experience in positions where these qualities were required, such as:

  • Deputy Head Prefect in Garden International School (GIS)
  • Prefect in Oundle School
  • Student Representative Council member in GIS.

My commitment and determination has enabled me to work under time constraints and strict deadlines. My three internships:

  • OneKLCC Sdn Bhd in 2008, 2009
  • Nomura Malaysia in 2010

along with the aforementioned responsibilities have displayed my ability to work independently and as a team.

Using my experience from MSoc, I would like to suggest a few proposals that would benefit the society as a whole. As a source of manpower, I am proposing an ad hoc committee that will assist each committee member if needed. This ad hoc committee will consist of a pool of MSoc members (excluding freshers).

Inter-year interaction will be improved via sports events such as inter-year competitions or a competition among teams made from a mixture of years. Additionally, dinners and activities will be arranged to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors. These activities include treasure hunts or Easter egg hunts, museum hopping and a holiday trip for seniors during summer. The existing dinners will be maintained, but to further develop interaction, additional dinners will be held for 2 year-groups at a time.

For MNight issues, weekly meetings with agendas will be held to track progress of each department, ensuring communication within the MNight team. It is important that all teams are aware of the ongoing issues in every sector of MNight, During full runs, I will try to create a better simulation of the Great Hall in preparation for the real stage.

To conclude, I would like to stress that if elected president, MSoc will be my priority and I will commit myself to improve the welfare of its members. I will strive, I will dedicate and together we shall inspire.