Ee Wui Yang

Name: Ee Wui Yang

Course: 1st Year Civil & Environmental Engineering

Post: Vice President

Run-down Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Chua Ke Lun (4th Year Chemical Engineering)
Seconder: Siew Meng Kit (3rd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


University is often much more than just the degree you are studying, but rather, it’s all about the experience and people you meet at university that makes it special. Before I entered Imperial, I thought…’oh crap, imperial college = geeks = no fun’, which was the case…until I got involved with Malaysian Society.  After the ski trip, several social events, two intense Malaysian Night performances, a homeless experience in Doncaster and the eyebrow incident, I will never look at it the same way again! Countless experiences of fun and developing new friendships have really taught me the true value of university experiences and I hope that as VP, I can create the same experiences for others.

For those who don’t know me, I’m the dancer strongly inspired by the infamous chicken dance and also the guy who crashed into the table during MNight. MNight has made me treasure and relish every single second of its production, and I hope that next year’s Freshers will also be able to experience the same level of fun I did, or maybe even more. My involvement in several musical productions in high school as well as being as the appointed choreographer, has taught me many things, including the importance in separating work and play. Through this, I aim to use this experience to keep everyone motivated and fulfilled, whilst managing the important aspects of production. To me, the Producer is the heart and soul of any show, and with my experience, drive and ambition, I believe that I can fulfil this role to make one of the best MNights Imperial has seen!  A bad producer can make a good play look terrible. So vote for me and I’ll make sure you’ll have the craziest MNight next year.

Primarily, the responsibility of VP is to support the President in all of his/her duties, and also to take control in the absence of the President. Hence, an able candidate should possess a certain degree of leadership skills and the ability to work under pressure. I trust that through my achievements of winning Student of the Year Award several times has demonstrated these necessary abilities, however, I do understand the responsibility required for this role, and at times having to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to achieve what is necessary. I am open-minded and flexible when it comes to adapting to new challenges; trust me when I say that…I led a group of guys to win 3rd place in a National Cheerleading Competition!

Additionally, these are some of the ideas which I would consider if elected as VP:

For the Society:

1. Create a sociable and caring community among ALL Msoc members:

My personal experience of the fresher’s drinking and potluck sessions this year were a huge success in my opinion, and I propose to continue this next year. If budget permits, free invitation for 3rd and 4th year students for next year’s fresher events may be possible.

2. Smartphone updating service:

Someone has to bring out that ‘techie’ Imperial College image and revolutionize the way Imperial College students communicate with each other! Therefore I believe that by utilising technology we can increase communication within the society.

3. Visa advisory service for Freshers:

As a fresher, I know it’s daunting when it comes to visa applications so I hope to be able to introduce a support system for those who require it.

For MNight:

1. Online ticketing service:

This can be an integral part of the current ticket sales strategy to increase sales. We will also be able to manage ticket sales outside of London more easily.

2.  Move MNight to a bigger venue:

Why not think big?…Wembley Stadium?

3. Additional features to the show :

A possibility for future shows can be to involve guest performances. However, the main focus of the show will still remain with Imperial Freshers.

4. MNight Master Plan:

Well, I can’t let you know all my secrets…Vote for me and I’ll disclose it to you next year! J

Have faith in me and I’ll be your vice president next year ‘LIKE A MAN’ (Mustafa, 2011)!