Genna Gan

Name: Genna Gan
Post: Treasurer
Course: Biology (1st year)
Proposer: Chia Wei Lim (3rd Year Mathematics)
Seconded by: Dat Han Cheam (2nd year Mech Eng)
Run down position: Committee Member

Oscar Wilde once said “When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life. Now that I am old, I know it is.” As a fresher at Imperial, I’d like to think that I am far from old. However my experiences and observations over the past few months in Msoc made me realize that funding is a crucial aspect of ensuring the society runs efficiently and its members are kept happy – so I see where Oscar is coming from.

I’m running for treasurer because I think I have good ideas about increasing the efficiency of money handling and the amount of funding received by the society. I am not afraid of heavy responsibilities (handling the exchange of large sums of money), I take calculated risks and I communicate well with others (especially when I want something in return ;)). In the past, I have obtained sponsorship for various events from companies such as Royal Selangor and Munchy’s (the biscuit company) back in KL so I have some experience in sponsorship protocol.  As for the more nitty-gritty Prinsip Perakaunan KBSM stuff, I may not be an expert now but as an Imperial student, nothing I cannot learn!

Some proposed improvements for 2011/2012:
1) While we currently have excellent sponsors for MNight, a group of people I think we should tap more into are Imperial alumni. I hope to initiate collaboration with The Imperial College Alumni Association: Malaysian Chapter (ICAAM). There are many successful and influential people on the board we could approach.

2) Organize other profit making events such as social events, sporting events and trips. We should not rely on MNight alone to fund our society. As of recent members have expressed concerns that Msoc is blurring into MNight soc. More events would bridge the gap between members in different year groups as well as those not involved in MNight. Open our events up to other union clubs/societies and other unis.

3) Build stronger ties with other student societies. A large percentage of money is spent on weekly sports sessions. Collaborating with societies with similar sporting needs can potentially reduce the cost of booking facilities.
Also as one of the larger overseas societies we can provide large numbers for events organized by other societies in exchange for commission for ticket sales and discounts for our members. I have already proposed some ideas to the ABACUS committee and there are many opportunities for win-win situations.

4) Increased efficiency in the transfer and handling of money by allowing online payments via Paypal for Mnight tickets, event payments etc. Adopt this system within the society to allow members to pay for theatre trip tickets, sports fees etc in the same way.

Vote for me for improved finances in your society. 2011 will be different, and Operasi Sudu Garpu was only the beginning. 🙂

Thank you