Justin Chan Han Yang

Justin Chan Han Yang

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Post: Sports Secretary

Choice of alternative run-down posts: Ordinary Committee Member

Proposer: Chang Wern Chia (2nd Year Chem Eng, Vice-President MSOC 2010/11)

Seconder: Lee Chee Ler (2nd Year Mathematics, Sports Secretary MSOC 2010/11)


I believe that sport plays a fundamental role in this society. Sport provides a common ground that allows members to develop friendships and close bonds that transcend age, race and background. As a fresher it is not easy coming to a new place, making new friends and basically, just starting over. However, no matter who you are or where you’re from, a person can step onto a court and play a sport with people he’s never met before…particularly in Malaysian Society. To me, taking part in a competition as part of a team is similar to that of MNight, which has brought us all together. Whether we know it or not, MNight united us as a society as well as combined every individual success to form a group success and so will sports.

So, why sports? Taking part in competitions such as the Nottingham, Cardiff, Sheffield and Warwick games requires a good deal of practice and training. It demands a high level of commitment and determination from every member, but at the end of the day what is really important is that all the teams have fun, regardless of the outcome. Whilst winning is our aim, the journey is the reward. The ties that we form with our team-mates last a life time, where strangers whom we never knew suddenly become our friends, our comrades through sports. And this is why, if elected, I will do my outmost best to get our teams involved in many, if not all, of the Malaysian organized competitions.

Through my experience, I have identified two main stumbling blocks in achieving this goal. The first is developing strong communication between the universities, and internally between the sports secretary and the teams. To address this, I intend to develop a networking system with the other sports secretaries in other universities, as well as with the team captains of each sport and, in doing so, ensure that each team is aware of every competition that is available for them to take part in. The second inhibiting factor is funding. Despite the £20,000 we’re paying the university every year, the subsidy provided by the union is minimal and cannot accommodate for all the training, equipment and transport that is required. This year, many teams have had to compensate for the lack of funds through their student finances, in order to participate in these competitions. In my opinion, this is unacceptable, and if elected I will push for an increase in the sports budget. Additionally, I will work towards raising funds through organized sporting competitions and related events. One such idea is to form a tournament involving all the Malaysian Societies of universities in London. A representative team from each university will come together and play on a regular basis, following a league-style format. Not only will this competition help raise funds, it will also give us the opportunity to get to know other fellow Malaysians in London. Another option is to acquire sponsorships for our teams that will allow organizations to promote, creating benefit for both parties.

On the not-so-competitive side of things, casual sports sessions will continue to serve as a weekly fixture in every member’s calendar. A time allocated for members to get together and release stress at the end of every week.

Incase some of you doubt my capability to accomplish such tasks, some of my previous accomplishments include being the President of the Interact Club, Head of Discipline on the Prefect Board, Head of Photography on the Editorial board, as well as representing my school in numerous sports and organizing countless sporting events for a variety of societies. In short, I know what needs to be done and I know how to do it.

So here’s my pitch: Vote for me and I promise you that next year will be a very sporty one!