Kimberley Chin-Goh

Name: Kimberley Chin-Goh

Course: Medicine

Post: Committee member

Proposer (Name and Course and Year): Kayla Tan Ying Fei, Aeronautical Engineering, 2nd year

Seconder (Name and Course and Year): Alia Johari, Biomedical Sciences, 1st year


There’s so much I have enjoyed, learning a lot about the culture in only the short amount of time passed so far, getting involved in M fair and M night, but also finding the community feel in Malaysian society. All this has contributed to making Malaysian society the highlight of my university life. I think it’s something people have got to experience and having been given the opportunity to do so, I want to give something back. So if I may I would love to help ensure this carries on in the coming year, in keeping the society active, friendly and just a damn good experience for existing and future members!

I would like to run for committee member as it is the role in which I think I could best serve Malaysian society. I think organising events is fun, and whilst I understand the stresses of it from past experience, I also know how they are made worth it from how rewarding the end product can be. Involvement with organisations like the youth opportunities fund and running societies in sixth form have developed my communication skills that I could bring to the committee. Past experience from roles in my London borough’s youth council and as art director for a school drama festival mean that I am familiar with heading and planning projects. I would not be running for this post if I were not willing to put in the time and commitment required of me by the rest of the committee and the society.

I have loved getting to know and working with the members so far, the focus on teamwork and supporting others in their roles is something that appeals to me. Seeing how people come together to create something inspires me, so naturally is something I enjoy doing. I would look forward to forming rapports with other universities and societies, getting connections to keep bringing our Malaysian society forward and in the game. Realistically, I’m sure I would encounter problems because of unforeseen circumstances or differences in opinion, but I’ve found solutions can be worked out by improvising, a calm head (although if needed I can get my ganas on too) and compromise.

Knowing the fellow members, I am certain that the team that will make up the committee for 2011-2 will be able to overcome problems and be a success. I hope to be part of it as it would be a privilege, and one that I would work to do justice to.