Kuan Han Sen

Full Name: Kuan Han Sen

Course: 1st Year Physics

Post: Communications Secretary

Proposer: James Yeoh Chee Pong (3rd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Seconder: Chong Hon Qui (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Run-down Post: Committee Member

I feel that Malaysian Society has given me a wide range of experiences that other societies might not be able to offer. From skiing down the French Alps to performing in front a huge crowd for Malaysian Night, it was one of the best moments of my life thus far and I was able to forge new friendships in the process as well.

Being part of this society, it is only natural that I would like to contribute in the best way I can – using the skills I have. Being technically inclined, I am no stranger to matters related to computing. In addition, my ability to self –learn is evident through my role as the team leader of my college’s Photographic Society. I was able to master the art of photo developing within a month through the usage of books and the internet despite having no prior knowledge on the techniques. Although my skills in web programming are amateur at the moment, I believe that my interest and initiative to learn will enable me to pick up these necessary skills in the shortest time possible.

In my view, the role of a Communications Secretary involves a lot more than just maintaining the ICUMS website and sending out periodic newsletters. The Communications Secretary is instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the society by making sure that all its members are consistently updated with the current news and happenings in the society. This flow of information is vital in holding the society together as well by allowing members to share their views in a more convenient manner.

My proposals:

1.    More frequent updates on the ICUMS website, corresponding with the release of each newsletter.

2.    Utilising Facebook as one of the “official” means of spreading important announcements and live news, as well as a communication platform between members of the society.

3.    Making the website more informative and “fresher-friendly”, providing vital tips such as settling down in London and important updated information regarding official documents (visa, bank accounts, accommodation issues etc.) instead of relying on a single static PDF document.

4.    More photo galleries of recent events on the website as a way to store the fond memories that we have. It is also a way for new members and outsiders to have a preview of the happenings in the Malaysian Society.

All in all, I believe that I have what it takes to be the Communications Secretary and I hope that all members will work with me to improve our society. Thank you for your support.