Ng Huey Jeen

Name Huey Jeen Ng
Post Committee Member
Run-down Post Ordinary Member
Proposed by Lau Ka-Yin (2ND Year EEE )
Seconded By Su Lin- Oh (2ND Year Mathematics)
Course Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“M-night practice, again?” That was what I had been complaining during the beginning of the autumn term. During back then, M Night was more like a duty, a chore for me. As time slowly progressed, my frustration towards M Night Practice had gradually diminished. Instead, I felt more and more looking forward to the next practice session. Now, M night is finally over. Not only it leaves me with surge of euphoria, satisfaction and pride, it also leaves me with an empty heart. Post M-Night Depression has been creeping in my heart ever since.

My past experience with Malaysian Society was splendid. Not only, it gave a chance to learn, an opportunity to interact with new friends, it also provided me a home away from home. The loves the seniors shower upon me and the care from my peers are the main motivation I have to stay cheerful in London. Therefore, I believe it is my turn to contribute my life and soul back to M-SOC and pass down such enjoyable experience I had to the next the batch of fresher and other existing members.

I would like to run for “Committee Member” for the following reasons. In my opinion, I believe that I am a person who can interact well with different groups of people and enjoy interactions with others. From my observation during the past few months, we, the fresher had the most time spent with the committee member during most of the ad-hoc events organized by M-Soc as compared to other EXCO members. Moreover, I also had substantial amount of experience in organizing events during my school terms. As the secretary for badminton club of my school, I was part of team to organize a massive-scaled Intra-school Badminton competition which managed to attract many young talents to participate. As the cluster captain of my boarding school and class committee member, I was often put in-charge for organizing various class outings and events. I believe these encounters have prepared me well to take on this leadership role and embark on an exciting journey ahead with M SOC.

I believe that I am the suitable candidate for Committee member. First of all, I am willing to be the first one to reach out to people and interact well with them. I am able to think, plan wisely and swiftly when it comes to decision making and organizing events. Moreover, I am responsible and someone who can be entrusted with. Furthermore, I enjoy working as a team and strive as a group, especially with bunch of awesome groups of friends in M SOC. When in doubt, I will take the initiative to learn.  On top of all these values, I have something more essential — a passion to serve and undying love for M SOC (I am serious!!!!).

The following are my plans for M-SOC:

My  Plans

  • Enhance the current buddy system –organize various inter-buddies events to narrow the gap between the seniors and juniors. If possible, third year and fourth years are more than welcome to join.
  • Organize weekend chill-out sessions— picnic, day trip to different parts of London (first few weeks of the term for the fresher to accustom to London), paintball, friendly sports session among member, more drinking sessions
  • Greater collaboration with other Societies – Singapore society, Chinese Society, ABACUSàprobably can organize some joint events such as paintball competition, sports, and culture-sharing sessions.
  • Greater involvement/ participation from the seniors – Set up a proper feedback channel to gather the opinion from seniors and juniors. Everyone has the right to propose events which interest them. A poll will then be set up. If the response is positive and there is sufficient fund, the proposed event will be organized.
  • Pre-departure dinner – before the fresher depart from Malaysia, a dinner outing should be organized. This is to ensure all the fresher are still in contact with the seniors and we are able to foster a strong relationship even before the start of the school term. Buddy systems can probably begin from then. This also offers those who can’t make it for orientation camp another chance to mingle with the rest of their peersà reduce number of phantom members. Invitation will be sent to all seniors across all level (not just 1st and 2nd year)
  • Creation of face-book group for the fresher (enhanced)—beside providing them all the details they need before departure, we can also have individual introduction videos of the seniors to the juniors. Pictures of London and Imperial campus, residence hall…can be taken for them. Videos such as journey from hall residence to school or campus life can be shown through this group in order to prepare the fresher well for the upcoming exciting imperial campus life.
  • Post –arrival orientation – involves all members. Those who missed pre-departure dinner and orientation can still grab another chance to socialize with the rest. Events such as sports or even amazing race across London can be organizedà fresher can take it as a chance to tour around London and familiarize with the surroundings.


Please vote for me and I promise you will not regret it. I assure everyone that I will do an excellent job and give in my very best to bring MSOC to a greater height. I will make the right decision and disappoint no-one.

Thank you very much for your time…..

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Huey Jeen (1991- ????)