Ryan Lee Rui Yan

Name : Lee Rui Yan (Ryan)

Course : 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Post : Committee Member

Proposer : Wong Kuo Jian (3rd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder : Lau Ka-Yin (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

The first day I stepped into Imperial, I was worried about fitting in, making new friends and doing all the documentations required. I was extremely thankful that Malaysian Society seniors were there to give a helping hand when we, the juniors, needed it most. Being a part of Malaysian Night has given me a chance to feel at home in a foreign land. Despite the numerous tiring practises, I am still glad to have been a part of it. I never knew I was capable of busting a move on the dance floor at all until I joined Malaysian Night! Being in the Malaysian Society has truly enriched my university life, with all the outings and events, there’s always something to do to relieve the stress from working our butts off trying to finish the ever growing pile of coursework.

I want to run for the post of committee member as I want to give back the society what it has given me. I want to keep the events coming and the next group of juniors to experience what I have experienced throughout my first year here. I want to make them to feel at home despite being thousands of miles away from their families. I am sure that most of you will agree with me when I say I am very a friendly and sociable person. Thus I know that I will be able to get along well with the newcomers and put them at ease. Besides that, I also want to organise more events so that current members will continue to be active and keep the society alive and kicking. I already have some ideas of what events we can have during the summer holidays for all of us back in Malaysia i.e. food hunting trips and seniors versus juniors paintball to name a few.

During my secondary school and college years, I have held numerous positions of responsibility such as president, secretary, treasurer and project director of various clubs and societies, thus I know that I am fully capable of organising events and carrying out tasks effectively. I will also do my best to ensure that there is healthy communication amongst the members of the executive committee and make sure that members of the society are constantly updated on the current issues within the society.

I chose to run for the post of committee member as I want to be involved in as many activities of the society as I can, rather than just confined to one specific field. I am a very enthusiastic individual and I’ll be there to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. I have learnt to manage my revision time very well and will never neglect my responsibilities towards the society. If elected, I will do my best to ensure there are never dull moments in the society and I hope all members will leave Imperial with fond memories of being in the Malaysian Society.