Sheela Ratnam

Full Name: Sheela Ratnam

Course: Physics

Post: President

Proposer: Ahmad Faiz Ahmad Pauzi (3rd Year, E&E Engineering)

Seconder: Chong Zhi Xiong (2nd Year, Materials Engineering)

Run Down Position: Committee Member

“Let’s face it, MNight saved us all,” said a fresher as we were lining up, teary-eyed, for the final curtain call on Sunday, listening to Ray-Men sing One Last Breath on stage.

I am not sure about the “us all” bit but this statement is definitely true for me. At the very least, MNight initially gave me something to take my mind of how much I missed college and how much I hated the London weather. Before MNight, I told myself that I will do MNight and that was it but something changed along the way: I met this amazing bunch of people and fell in love with the society that brought us together. It’s cheesy – yes. Cliche – maybe a little but it’s true. The more I got to know my fellow members, both in and out of MNight rehearsals, the more I realized that to miss out on an opportunity to work together with them, what more to lead a team comprising these outstanding individuals will be a mistake. And I believe, together, we can do wonders for the society.

My past experiences in leading projects (Global Debates, F1 in Schools Challenge) and committees (Editor-in-Chief, Head Girl) are a definite evidence of my capability to lead a team towards success and to make things happen. However, I would never willingly offer to invest my time into something that I do not have a passion for, no matter what the reward is, because when I do something, I want to give it my all. Therefore, my passion for MSoc coupled with the experience I have, I believe, makes me a good candidate for the position.

My plans for MSoc revolve around working on moving away from the stereotype of being an “MNight Soc” by emphasizing two of the our society’s objectives, namely:

1. To provide for and maintain the interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students in Imperial College

While MNight does a great job of bringing the freshers together, I believe the society should have more events that are inclusive of the entire society, from 1st to 6th year. In my opinion, socializing on a smaller scale brings people closer together. While our major society events like the CNY dinner are important, there are many smaller scale things like cinema outings, “teh tarik” sessions, and picnics that can be done regularly to foster this sense of camaraderie among the members.

In addition to that, a phenomenon that tends to occur after MNight is that in the followings years, the strong bonds shared during the MNight period tends to wear off so I want to work to have some “batch” events as well so that the members within a batch can catch up with each other.

2. To play the active role as a member of the international community of students in Imperial College

I want to have more collaboration with other societies when organizing club activities. I think this brings about more diverse and interesting experiences for our members while at the same time we can promote our society and or course, Malaysia to the other students in IC.

To me, a society can only be as great as its members make it to be. But the foundation of a society is communication and interaction which is what I will aim to work on together with my colleagues.

Increased interaction => stronger bonds => increased participation => great experiences shared by all.

And that, is the definition of a successful society.