Terrence Lai Hung En

Full Name : Lai Hung En (Terrence)

Course : Biotechnology (1st Year)

Post : Ordinary Committee Member

Proposer : Chong Zhi Xiong (Materials Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder : Kayla Tan Ying Fei (Aeronautical Engineering, 2nd Year)


Past leadership experience:

Vice President in A-levels Student Council, Cempaka International School Cheras (2009-2010)

Committee member of Interact Club (2009): was in charge of Interact Camp in 2009

After hearing what the EXCO members briefed us on their individual role was really helpful in my decision to run for a committee member. I feel the passion that the seniors have been putting into their positions and how hard they work together to bring Malaysian Society to a new height. I must admit that MSoc is one of the best part of my current Undergraduate life (yet), so I could imagine together we juniors have a tough job in maintaining the ‘hype level’ of MSoc and be good exemplar to the next batch of fresher. And the most direct way to get involved with this is to stand for a committee member position.

Many people might aim for President, Secretary and Treasurer etc., maybe because they feel that’s exactly what they want to be. I am not sure what I can do for MSoc, so I opt to become a Ordinary Committee Member so that I could at least share the burden of the committee members and try something new. It might not be the most exciting job or get the loudest applause, but if you commit yourself into something you have a passion for, the gratification from reaching a goal is often the most rewarding experience.

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